• When: 2017-11-12
  • QIC: Half Sack
  • The PAX: Half Sack Banjo Wapner Thumbs Up Training Wheels Ralphie Quisenberry Swanson

Brisk Stroll

8 pax suffered the cool air and meandered through the streets of Lexington

Skipped the count off and headed up the road

43º or something like that

Right on South Church Street.  Right on Hendrix Street.  A loop-de-loop in the old Lexington Intermediate School parking lot.  Right on Gibson (for like 10′).  Right on Derrick Street.  Right on 378.  Right on Fox Street.  Left on Saxe Gotta Lane.  Right on Meetze Avenue.  Left on West Butler Street.  Right on 6.  Right on 1.  Left on South Church Street.  Finished.

3.11 Miles

Some chat about politics and law.  Some chat about Training Wheels losing his training wheels.  Some chat about past toughs and lights.  Some chat about what time Sunday Wanders wrapped up (I’ve been slack the past few Sundays…).  Even switched out the AO Q at the bitter end.  Thanks for your leadership and wisdom Banjo.

Small potatoes make a small steak look bigger.  Thumbs Up said something that reminded me of such saying.

• All unspoken prayer requests
• Family’s and victims of Texas church shooting

• 11/16, the beards come off.  Judging starts at 7 but people will probably start arriving sooner.  Raise as much money as you can by then.  If it has to be tax deductible, give Thumbs Up a shout.
• Christmas Party (12/15)
• Cottonmouth (12/30)
• GrowRuck (01/26 through 01/28)