• When: 2018-06-14
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Dance Machine, Bulldog, Toe Ring, House (R), Spackle (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Good Hands, Tumbler, JoePa, Weekend Special, Netflix, Pantyhose, Short Haul

Boo Boo Gets His Official Introduction to Spackle at Graveyard

The boys of DET have been giving me a lot of grief about visiting other AOs lately so I decided to give it one last go and return to my “home AO” to see my friends at Graveyard.  Saw some familiar faces, met some new ones, and they all delivered.  What a unit.

Weather: pleasant, slight humidity

1MW, Disclaimer, BOM

Workout went something like this, made it up on the fly so let me know if I missed something that you particularly “enjoyed”

10 burpees, who needs a warmup when there are burpees

Take a lap around the parking lot, throw in some backpedaling, some high knees, and some butt kickers.  Loop around back to the flag and into the stadium.

Head to the bottom of the bleachers.  Stadium steps/bleachers x3, doing a burpee for the number of rounds when you get back to the bottom.  So, run all the way up, come down, 1 burpee.  Repeat, adding a burpee to each round. Did 3 rounds.

One last time up the steps to go get blocks.

Slow mo Cs for Gs x10 IC

Walk towards stairs to field, Spackle had some comments about my orange attire so we got 10 more slow mo Cs for Gs x10 IC

Partner up.  Partner 1 farmer carries blocks from the concrete to the closest 10 yard line and back.  Partner 2 does a plank with their feet on the wall.  Switch.

1 round of football field burpee suicides.  Starting at the goal line, run to the 10, do 1 burpee, run back, touch the line, run to the 20, do 2 burpees, run back, touch the line.  All the way for the whole football field.  25 burpees total. PAX got awfully quiet during this one.

Boat canoe for the six.  Bulldog loved this idea.

Mosey to the 50.  I was informed that Spackle requires LBCs at every workout so we did 25 here.

Line up on the 40, slow mosey ten yards to the 50, and sprint to the goal line.

Line up at the back of the endzone.  Slow mosey to the goal line and then sprint to the 50.

Line up on the 40, slow mosey ten yards to the 50, and sprint to the goal line.

Grab blocks and wander over to base of wall in front of bleachers.  Five 16-count manmakers with block.

Grab blocks and snake up and down bleachers while doing OH carry, tricep extensions, etc. with blocks.

Put blocks away and head back to the flag.

Since we didn’t warm-up, we decided to cool down. 19 LBACF, 19 LBACR.  Few rounds of Boat Canoe. 7 merkins in honor of each point the Gamecocks scored last year (it’s funny how none of the South Carolina fans in attendance could remember the score of last year’s game).  We did a burpee for each Heisman that Jake Bentley has won (0) and a burpee for each victory Jake Bentley has or will have against Clemson (also 0).  Spackle kept going on here about how Clemson bought championships and didn’t have a Heisman and Charlie Pell and players with illegal cars but all I really understood was “I wish we were as good as Clemson.” Fun times trying to Q with a little smack talk thrown in as well, football season can’t get here soon enough!


  • Good run pre-WO with Short Haul this morning, great guy with some good running advice
  • Bulldog’s running commentary of a WO is worth the gas money it takes to get there plus some
  • Hard working dudes at GY, not nearly as many complainers as DET 😉
  • The Plush Pellet Palace delivered, as it always does
  • Spackle belongs in the Mumblechatter Hall of Fame, the man will throw you off your game
  • Go Q at Graveyard, lots of options and lots of fun things to utilize


  • Funky Qshenanigans coming to GY and DET in August, be on the lookout for details
  • Barnes brothers Qing next week
  • Basketball on some Mondays and every Friday, Frisbee on Saturdays
  • Ryan Rawl event on July 4th
  • July 19th – Pray for Bray 2 year anniversary WO @ DET

Prayer Requests

  • Floppy Disks’s MIL – health issues
  • Gilbert High School student