• When: 2018-05-29
  • QIC: Banjo
  • The PAX: Hot-4-Teacher, Rebound (R), Tool Time (R), Deebo, Bar Crawl, Rumble Strip, Banjo, Candy Stripe (K), Weak Sawce, Rook, Postal, Blue Rhino

Banjo’s Block-O-Rama

12 PAX sent themselves to Detention this morning, where the focus would be listening, teamwork, and banding together to accomplish a mission based on limited, incorrect, or just plain half-baked instructions.  Despite momentary lapses of reason, blocks were moved and bonds were strengthened.

Welcome, Disclaimer, and BOM

Weather: 65 and misty.

The Thang

Head to the BBall Blacktop (BBB) and circle up for:

-Good Mornings X 10 IC (oh boy this is going to be a great workout!)

-6-ct Burpees X 15 IC

-Gorilla Humpers X 20 IC

-Squirrel Humpers X 20 IC

-Windmill X 10 IC

-Merkins X 10 IC


Mosey to the blockpile and dole ‘em out.  Return to the corner of the BBB for Donald Trumps:

-Assemble all blocks in a wall-like fashion in one corner of the BBB.

-PAX line up shoulder-to-shoulder along one side of the court.

-Disassemble and relocate the wall passing one block at a time to the next corner to build another.

-Rinse & Repeat until the wall is reconstructed in its original location.


Block Burpee Pain Train: Grab your blocks and overhead carry to the front parking lot:

-PAX line up shoulder to shoulder in front of their blocks.

-Everyone block burpee – PAX on the end runs to the opposite end and PAX scoot down a block.  Rinse & Repeat, two full cycles.


Over/Under Extravaganza:

-PAX realign facing same direction with block between their feet.

-Pass your block overhead to the PAX behind you.

-Pass block through the legs to the PAX behind you.

-After the block is passed from the front, PAX runs to the back of the line to keep the train moving.  Ended up a Donald Trump hybrid but we got the hang of it after the first round.


Overhead carry your pet block back to the BBB for 7 mins of Marty:

-Bent-Over-Rows X 20 IC

-5 Burpees OYO

-Chest Press X 20 IC

-5 Burpees OYO


Return blocks to the rightful storage cube and jailbreak back to the flag.


Prayer Requests:

*H4T’s Father-in-Law, surgery to remove benign lung growth.

*Merck family

*Dear Diary


*2 PAX and a K9 for Stridelite

*#Kotters, Candy Stripe!

*PAX, be ready for a more organized round of Banjo’s Block-O-Rama now that YHC has figured out what does (and just doesn’t) work.

*Always a mumblechatterin’ good time in the schoolyard w/ these dudes.


6/2: Run Ella Run! https://runhard.org/pages/race-ella.php

6/16: Serve & Connect – Daddy & Me 5K: http://www.midlandsanchor.com/dads-matter-serve-connect-announces-the-daddy-and-me-5k/

6/23: Cookout Vintner’s Wood Pool


Psalm 55:22 “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”