• When: 2019-01-28
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Plumb Bob (R), Banjo, Halfsack, Bar Crawl, Sputnik (R), DriSoket, Brainiac

Baby seal comes out to play, again

Conditions: Beautiful


Disclaimer I am not a professional. Light up your NoxGear, headlamps, “blinkie”, whatever you have. Keep your eyes up and pay attention! Stop and all crossings and make sure it is safe to cross!!

YHC signed up to Q at Wander due to AOQ Halfsack reaching out to PAX on the Wander chat page asking men to step up and fill in the blanks. YHC doesn’t often get a chance to post at Wander since Viper is the usual Monday workout, Serpent Wednesday and  Python on Sundays. YHC saw a Monday that was open and the M was off so no need to rush back to the house so she could get to work on time. YHC was excited to ruck with some different PAX. YHC drove the route prior to stepping off. I seemed as though the majority of it was down hill. Letting the PAX know that it was ALL down hill was a mistake. It was not, and DriSoket reminded YHC often. COBAINS DS!

The Thang

RIGHT on South Church Street

RIGHT on Hendrix

RIGHT on 3rd Ave.

LEFT on West Butler

RIGHT on Berly St.

RIGHT on 378

RIGHT on North Lake

LEFT on Corley

At this point DriSoket notified YHC that we had 9 minutes to return to the shovel flag so a modification to the route was needed.

Quick RIGHT Effrid

RIGHT on East Main St

LEFT on South Church St. and back to the flag



F3 Mentor program- reach out to [email protected] to get more info and get signed up!

2/2: MGC long run
2/16: Dam to Dam relay (Needs volunteers to help at exchange zones)
3/2: 5 year Convergence (F3 Lex) (Bootcamp and UF option)
3/16: Race Against Hunger to Benefit Mission of Lexington
3/22-23: P200

Prayer Request

Wells Family

Juice’s FIL

Injured PAX

YHC’s M is getting her Holter montior today (Checks out her heart)



YHC’s M’s CT scan was CLEAR! Follow up with oncology in 6 months and won’t need another scan for a year! GOD IS GOOD!!