• When: 2018-08-02
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Polecat, Wino, Urkel, Belding, Cootie, Tongue n Groove, Babe, Puck, Ace, Happy Trees

And They’re Off!

This morning was good. Every morning is a good morning. Our personal attitudes, struggles, and happiness are what push negative or positive perception onto what God gives us every single morning. Every day his sun rises and offers us a new opportunity. Some might say that based on the same thought process a morning is neither good nor bad until you make it that way. If God gives us the morning it is always good. That being said, YHC did have a “good” personal morning watching the Smokehouse 50 take off at the B-L High Speedway. There was some weaving and blowouts, but at least no rubbing. The warm up laps were worth it.

Thanks men. Don’t know what shape I’d be in without you. Probably round on the outside and soft on the inside like a crème filled sad clown donut man.


Conditions: Big, Bad and Balmy




COP: SSH x25 IC, Mountain Climbers x50 IC

Mosey to the track.

Line up in Indian Run formation. The Indians move at a very moderate pace. The first PAX runs the opposite direction around the track (giving more than a moderate effort) until he passes the line of Indians and falls in the back of the line. The first PAX runs around the track: Rinse and Repeat until all are done.

Grab a Block: Line up on goal line. There is 1 cone every 10 yards. At the first cone do 50 BBSU and Cusack to the next cone for 10 Squats. Cusack to the third cone for 40 BBSU and then Cusack to the 4th cone for 20 squats. Repeat the pattern until you reach 10 BBSU and 50 Squats. BLOCKS UP

Now to the event the racing world has been waiting on. The tunnel of love race. We split into 3 teams of 3 and raced in tunnel of love fashion for 50 yards to deem the greatest race crew of all time. There were no true winners in this race.


Count O Rama

Name O Rama



Prayer Request: Honcho’s Dad, Caboose new job

Announcement: Christmas Party, Stomp the Swamp and Henry the Heart Warrior both on 8/25, The Sweet Baby O is this Saturday 8/4, The 9/11 Challenge is on 9/22