• When: 2017-10-31
  • The PAX: Hopper (R), Itchy (R), Ranger (R), Utah (R), Long Haul, Short Haul, Digger, Rebar, Toby, FNG-Jenner, Head & Shoulders, Netflix, Whisper, Weekend Special, Toe Ring, The Nature Boy, Bulldog, Breaker Breaker (R)


Conditions:  Real Feel of 42 degrees with a slight breeze.  Crisp Halloween morning




Mosey to the field

Corner 1: 5 exercises IC, then run 100 yards to Corner 2

Corner 2: 10 of the same exercise IC, then run the endzone to Corner 3

Corner 3:  15 of the same exercise IC, then run 100 yards to Corner 4

Corner 4:  20 of the same exercise IC, then run back to beginning Corner

Round 1 Exercise was SSHs

Round 2 Exercise was Dead Guy Sit-Ups

Round 3 Exercise was TTTs

Round 4 Exercise was Iron Crosses

Round 5 Exercise was Windshield Wipers

Round 6 Exercise was the Merkin

Ranger could not be pleased during the 4 corners of The Big Easy Halloween bootcamp.  YHC thought his head was going to spin off his body and roll at a 100-yard sprint pace to the opposite end of the field when YHC audibled to TTTs for Utah instead of Deep Squats.  But Ranger, YHC kept your hamstrings properly stretched for the rest of the workout!

When we finished the 4 Corners, Mosey around to stairs behind the bleachers.  The Pax found 18 concrete blocks awaiting them on the stairs.  Each PAX grabbed a block.

Static Shoulder Press your concrete block while completing 5 calf raises IC, then walk up two steps, complete another 5 calf raises IC while static shoulder pressing your block….and so on and so on until we reached the top of the stairs as a group.

Carry your block back down to the bottom of the stairs.  And we marched up the stairs completing 5 Block curls IC every two steps until we reached the top of the stairs as a group.  This was a real crowd please for Ranger and Rebar-who was barely structurally fit to curl his block.

Well done Dudes.


Cheech 10K, Christmas Party, Crypt/Graveyard Q swap begins 11/2 this Thursday.

Prayer Requests:

Ray Renner, Shake n Bake, No Help, Spackle

FNG-Trae Carson

works at CR Jackson as a heavy equipment operator, went to The Citadel, plays basketball.  Ran track at The Citadel….Caitlyn or Jenner.  The Pax chose Jenner.