• When: 2017-11-07
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Honey Bun (R), Steamer, Hoboken, Finch, Kukco, Harp, River Dance, Tonka, Icarus, Snake Handler, Chinstrap, Oscar, AWOL, Emmy

14 Pax Share the Load at Snakepit

The “Share the Load” workout was inspired by my awesome M, Glee. Her first Q for FiA was called Share the Load.

Weather – 60 and beautiful.

Disclaimer & Prayer

Mosey down to the field for the COP.

SSH – 10 IC
TTT – 10 IC
IW – 10 IC
Merkins – 9 IC
American Hammers – 25 IC
Flutter Kicks (just for Chinstrap) – 25 IC

On the goal line for a 6 Pack.
1 Merkin on the goal line
Sprint to the 50
5 BB Situps
Sprint to the goal line
2 Merkins
Sprint to the 50
R&R until your count is 5 Merkins & 1 BBSU. Plank on the six.

Partner up to “Share the Load”
Bottom of the stadium steps.
Partners perform 20 thrusters w/ a block, alternating turns (10 a piece)
Partners run up the stadium steps together.
At the top of steps partners alternate turns performing 20 burpees (10 a piece)
Partners run to the bottom of the steps together.
At the bottom of steps partners alternate turns performing 20 hand release merkins (10 a piece)
R&R increase by 1 rep each round
After round 3 switch to curls w/ the block (20 reps a piece) and BBSU instead of hand release merkins.
Last round switch to triceps extensions w/ the block and squats instead of burpees.

Return the block and head to the flag.

Count a rama & Name a rama

Announcements – 11/8 is Cheech’s birthday all running AO’s will converge at Stomp & FiA is having a GoDisney for Rapunzel day; 11/11 Cheech 10K, Lexington 1/2 – If you are not participating please come out in F3 shirt and show your support; 11/18 is Hairy Bison at Harbison State Park.

Prayer Requests – Brianiac’s M is having some health issues and asking for prayer; Salty (FiA Sister that works out at Grit Iron) had a tragic loss in her family; Tonka’s family member cancer surgery; Harp’s brother inlaw diagnosed with cancer; Hoboken & Emmy involved with Upward Basketball at Lexington Basketball Church.