• When: 2019-03-14
  • QIC: Bud
  • The PAX: MoneyPenny, SeeSaw, Flipper, ToeTag, FireDaddy, Tuber, Bud

You should be dancin, yeah!

Not all workouts have music.  But when they do, memories are made.  The seed for today’s effort was planted months ago, after listening to yet another set of Hiphop beebop rappers during one of those musical F3 workouts.  Now, YHC really isn’t a disco fiend, but it is preferred over hiphop.   Begin dream sequence…. There I was, on my back and lying too close to the bluetooth speaker, doing Iron Crosses with P-Doodie (or whoever) blasting away.  Then a thought comes to mind, why can’t we do this to disco?…….

There was a workout today, but maybe more importantly, there was a random list of hits from the 1970’s, brought to us by Pandora’s “Funky Boogie Disco Radio” channel. Yep. Such a channel exists. Pandora has been acting weird lately, mixing in a few Thumbprint songs to any station. Let’s see if you can pick those out. Anyhow, here was today’s entertainment:

“Car Wash” Rose Royce
“Genius of Love” Tom Tom Club
“Paint it Black” Rolling Stones
“Hotel California” Eagles
“Boogie Shoes” KC & the Sunshine Band
“Low Rider” War
“Spirit in the Sky” Norman Greenbaum
“Play that Funky Music” Wild Cherry
“Brown Eyed Girl” Van Morrison


And here was today’s dance card:

Warm up
1 mosey lap around the track
15x Side Saddle Hop
10x Wind Mill
5x Burpie

The Thang
HIIT workout. 4 sets of 60 seconds each. High Intensity (30s) followed by low intensity (30s) Intervals.

Round 1 (x4)
High: Hand Release Merkins – [Hearing At the Carwash is taking Flipper back to that time in junior high school when…]
Low: Air Press – [MoneyPenny is already worried he won’t be able to make a fadeaway jumper tonite.]
30 seconds rest

Round 2 (x4)
High: Big Boy Crunch
Low: American Hammer – [Upon completion, Toe Tag feels ready for beach season.]
15 seconds rest

Run a lap. Since we are stuck in the 70’s, let’s have one of the pax pick the next set using the Monte Hall method. Pax chose door number 3….

Round 3 (x4)
High: WW2 Sit Up
Low: Flutter Kick – [Special thanks to Firedaddy for clearing the deck here.]
30 seconds rest

Round 4 (x4)
High: Monkey Humper – [SeeSaw simply can’t feel his legs at this point.  Decides to start P200 taper immediately.]
Low: Calf Raise
15 seconds rest

Run a lap. This time the pax chose door number 1.

Round 5 (x4)
High: Burpie – [This one’s for you Tuber.  The Burpie king.]
Low: Side Saddle Hop
30 seconds rest

Round 6 (x4)
High: Low Slow Squat (In Cadence)
Low: Wall Sit
30 seconds rest

Run a lap. Look at the time, not going to be able to open door number 2. But we could crack it a bit…
10x Wide Arm Merkin
20x OHAC
10x Wide Arm Merkin

And then the 6:00 bell goes off. YHC hustles out of there to put 2.0 on the school bus, still groovin’ and keeping it cool, man! Have to admit not all the music was great, but it made for good mumble chatter. I think there were enough old timers in the crowd that truly enjoyed today’s experience. And a couple 30-somethings might go home a secretly install this station on their Pandora app. End dream sequence. Did that all really just happen?

Announcements & Prayers
Still looking for the Roost shovel flag. You know who you are.

Sign up to Q. Let’s see if we can fill out a month. If you do not, another disco workout could be in your future!

Pray for family of Waterbug, pax from Hartsville who passed away this week during a 15k run event.