• When: 2018-03-06
  • QIC: Spano
  • The PAX: Tory, Metermaid, Depends, Flowbee, Perdue, Shakespeare, FNG-Foghorn, Spano


At the writing of this Backblast I am being subjected to the season finale of the Bachelor so I am not fully responsible for it’s poor content.

8 Pax showed up at Foxhole this morning ready to put in work. I always like to start a workout with a good kick in the teeth to get everyone warmed up. This morning was no different.

1st exercise 20 Burpees OYO
Run 1 lap around the parking lot grabbing the sandbags out of Metermaid’s truck on the way back to the circle.

Count off by 2’s. Group 1’s started with sandbag squats and 2’s started with Merkins. 5 rounds of 20 reps every minute on the minute. After 5 rounds 1’s do merkins and 2’s do squats.

Mosey with sandbags to football field. Set up sandbags on goal line with each pair of 3 gallon water jugs.

Group 1:
Move sandbag 100 yards to other goal line and drop it. Run back and farmers carry the water jugs 100 yards stopping at the 25, 50, and 25 for 10 Burpees each stop. Once you reach the goal line turn around and farmers carry the water jugs back to the original goal line. Drop the water jugs and go back to get the sandbag.

Run visitor stairs

When group 1 finishes flip flop.

Return to shovel flag.


Welcome FNG Foghorn. He has chickens so Foghorn seemed appropriate.