• When: 2017-12-29
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Water Gate, Double Fault, Cheddar, Pebbles, Pepto

Rode a Horse???

6 pax braved the cold conditions for a game of futbol.  Unfortunately, futbol only works if there is a glow ball.  Said ball is missing.  The good news is there was a light up disc!  Ultimate frisbee was agreed upon, and 6 pax ran wind sprints for the next hour.  The blazing speed of one pax led those from across the field to believe he was on a horse.  YHC felt honored to be recognized as being that fast, but alas, the pax were not speaking of YHC.  (Insert teary eyed emoticon)

The better question on everyone’s mind, “where are all of the pax?”

conditions: 30’F, clear, cold

disclaimer & opening prayer

Game on: 1 hour of ultimate futbol from the front goal line to the 40 yard line and side-line to side-line.  It was a lot of field to cover with ONLY 6 pax, but we managed.  The quickness from the beginning of the game was quickly blunted by the frigid conditions.  Once the pax warmed up, it was game on.  Team OOCP took the lead and never looked back.  Team DFWGP tried valiantly, but they were just overpowered by the amazing abilities of their competitors.  Maybe it was the quickness of the winning team, death-defying leaps and dives, long-flowing stallion like hair, but they were mesmerized by Team OOCP.


Closing Prayer

Prayer requests: safe travels


Convergence, LHC, 1/1/2018- ULTIMATE FOOTBALL, and some other activities.