• When: 2018-12-06
  • QIC: Bud
  • The PAX: FunnelCake, Flipper (R), Toothpick, FireDaddy, Bud

Read this to see pic of Bud in a Speedo

It’s been 5 years since YHC first tried F3.  Some dude named Rudy kept bugging me until I said, “fine, I’ll try it once just so you quit bugging me.”  That first day it was a cold rain, pitch black and the Depot soccer field was a huge pond.  Some Asian kid named Crash told me to sit down in a puddle and start doing crunches with the rest of the black-clad cult.  Once all clothing was soaking wet, it wasn’t so bad. Who wouldn’t be hooked after that?

Thanks Depot.  Thanks SpeedTrap.  Thanks Roost and Havoc.  Here’s to 5 more years!

24F and clear.

Don’t get hurt and don’t get frost bite.

Warm Up
SSH x20
Flutter x30
Windmill x15


Mosey to football field. Toss coupons over fence. Practice our B&E technique, and find way to top of wheel chair ramp on visitor’s side. Pax count off 1-5. Each performs specified exercise until the bear crawler makes it back to top of the ramp.  Switch. Pretty simple. Let’s get busy, it’s cold out here.

Year 1:
Bear crawl up zig-zag ramp
OH press w/ 25lb dumbbells
OH arm claps

Run stadium lap

Year 2:
Bear crawl up ramp
Chest press w/ 25lb dumbbells
Calf raise

Run stadium lap

Year 3:
Bear crawl up ramp
Lawn mower w/ 25lb dumbbell
Balboa sit-up
Imperial Walker

Run stadium lap

Mosey/Cusack back to shovel flag for 5 minutes of mary.


Freddy Mercury x20
Big Boy Situp x15
American Hammer x20
Hi-Lo Plank x2:00
6-Inches x1:00


COT and Prayer
Continued prayers for Flipper’s father in law, recovering from stroke.
Prayers for Toothpick’s coworker who is losing fight with cancer.
Prayers for Bud’s coworker who is losing grandfather to stroke.


Had two more sets ready to represent years 4 and 5, but ran out of time. Probably wasn’t one of YHC’s better Q efforts, as nobody was complaining too much during or after. But hey, you have to change it up sometimes. Total of 1.6 miles today, but it seemed like more. Thanks guys for changing my life for the better over the past 5 years. YHC is actually looking pretty good in a speedo these days, but that is for another post.

[Okay that was a total fabrication about the speedo pic, but this is the era of fake news, eh?] [And what kind of creep wants to see that anyhow?]