• When: 2019-07-13
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Leona, Moose, Clarice, Neckbrace, Fools Gold, Devito, Metermaid, Bellhop

Pull-Push-Lift-Squat: All in a Morning’s Work at Depot

8 pax got after it on this muggy July morning.  Work was done at an accelerated pace.

“The standard pace is for chumps.”

-Derek Sivers to Tim Ferriss.

Conditions: Sweaty




SSH (15x) (IC)

5 Burpees (OYO)

SSH (15x) (IC)

4 Burpees (OYO)

SSH (15x) (IC)

3 Burpees (OYO)

SSH (15x) (IC)

2 Burpees (OYO)

SSH (15x) (IC)

1 Burpee (OYO)

SSH (15x) (IC)

The Thang

YHC is a fan of Jocko Willink, as are many other pax in F3LakeMurray.  This week, I re-listened to his guest host presentation on Tim Ferriss’ podcast wherein he described his typical workout routine:





-Metabolic (Running/Heart Rate Up)


Willink is at least 45 years old and is in fantastic shape. So, what he does in the way of focused exercise obviously works for him.

For more detail, click here: https://www.businessinsider.com/retired-navy-seal-jocko-willink-workout-philosophy-2017-11#warm-up-2

Seeking to emulate the pattern described above, YHC crafted a workout that touched on all these areas.

After COP, run (faster than a mosey, but not sprint) from parking lot, down lower driveway, onto road, and back up upper driveway to block pile.  Plank on the 6.

Grab blocks.  Take blocks to playground.


Platoon with another pax.

10 pull-ups, alternating with platooned pax.  Assist partner as needed.

Rinse and repeat 3x for a total of 30x pull ups.

Take blocks to handball field.  Drop blocks.  Line up.  Run across the fields from the playground side to the train track side and back.  Get heart rate up.  Stand by direction re: new movements.


Alternating with your partner, do 15 merkins.  Good ones.

Rinse and repeat 3x for a total of 45x pull ups.

Line back up.  Run across the fields and back.  Stand by for direction re: new movements.


With your blocks:

Curls (20x)

Rows (20x)

Overheads (20x)

Benches (20x)

Rinse and repeat 3x for a total of 60x each exercise.

Line back up.


Indian Run around the perimeter of the entire set of fields.


Back at the blocks.


20x of squats (without weight)

20x of squats (with block at midsection)

20x of squats (with block overhead)

Rise and repeat 3x.

Line back up.  Run across the fields and back.  Stand by for direction re: new movements.


On the ground:

20 Big Boys

20 Russian Twists

20 LBCs


10 Big Boys

10 Russian Twists

10 LBCs


5 Big Boys

5 Russian Twists

5 LBCs

Recover; take blocks back to block pile; return to shovel flag area.

Simple, but effective.  Bodies not destroyed, but work was done.  Pax sufficiently sweaty.


-P200 coming.

-The Ocho: Tomorrow night at 2000.

-Prayers for Clarice’s son, Luke, who broke his wrist this week and required surgery.

Coffeeteria (5 pax)