• When: 2018-05-24
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: EZ, Spano, Coppertone, Neckbrace, Sir Topham Hatt, Stagecoach, Hostel, Pothole, Kitty Litter, Blart, Soft Toss, Arrears, Moose, DeVito, Chubbs, Buddy Love, Arrears, Turkey Burger, Bellhop

Prototypical WO at Depot

On Wednesday night, Coppertone advised that an FNG would likely be posting in the AM.  Not having drawn up my “routine” (as my M calls it), I decided to go the prototypical/classic workout route for Depot.

The FNG didn’t show; nevertheless work was done.  Our pace/intensity increased as the workout went on.  It was sneaky that way.

Conditions: Low 70s, dry.



SSH (20x, IC) (w/ iterant clapping, for whatever reason)

Merkins (10x, IC)

Imperial Walkers (20x, IC)

The Thang

Mosey to block pile, grab a block.

Mosey to playground, drop off block.

Find a space on the plastic curbing that rings the playground:

20 incline merkins (good ones)

20 decline merkins (good ones)

Grab your blocks, head to the handball fields.

Indian Run around the parameter of the fields.

The pax (17 in total for this event) then got into 4 teams (3 teams of 4 and 1 team of 5) and got ready for some Block Races.  Note: YHC had successfully done this event/exercise at Foxhole with a minimum of explanation/confusion/etc.  Not so much for Depot.  It started off as a block cluster, but smoothed out after the third time we did it.

Block Races: Here’s the idea: The pax on a team organize as a chain and hand the block off one by one along a straight line for 50-75 yards-ish, turn around, and head back to the start.  As you hand off, you race to the end of the chain and await the block.

Seems simple enough; however, the first race had some pax running with the block (???) and doing other things in contravention with the instructions/intent.  Nevertheless, we smoothed it out after running it a second and then a third time.  It’s a good exercise: You stay moving; there’s a little bit of weight; you have to pay attention; and you have to work as a team.

Pick up your blocks and head to the parking lot and circle up:

Staying together, but not in cadence:

Rows (20x)

Curls (20x)

Overheads (20x)

Rinse and repeat at 15x, then 10x, and then 5x.

Mosey over to the hill and drop the blocks.  With 15 mins left:

Escalating exercises: Squats at the bottom, burpees at the top.  Starting at 1 and escalating/AMRAP until time.  The standard was 10.  There was some mumble chatter, but the majority of pax met the standard in the time allotted.

Mosey back to the block pile and then to the shovel flag.

Note: This workout got the Pothole seal of approval.  Mission accomplished.


-Prayers for MIB.

-Snaps to Spano for coming out to the workout after having completed the GORUCK/F3 Custom Heavy at Mt. Mitchell.  That was no small task.  Beasts gotta beast.