• When: 2018-09-14
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Pinot, Watergate, Pebbles, The Don, A1A, Chop Block, Bonsai, Steel Toe, Black Lung, Sweet Tart, Lumbergh, Olive Oil, Sailor Boy, Ryans, Pepto

Little Breezy

Good morning F3 fans.  We decided to get together for a little fun & games before the seriousness gets too close to home.  Normally we would be All In for a little frisbee action, but with the winds picking up we didn’t know how things would shake out. There was a rumor about a football at the game, or was it a futbol?  Either way, fun was to be had.

Conditions: 78F, humid, breezy

Disclaimer: We aren’t professionals, church isn’t liable, don’t hurt Pinot, Pepto Watergate, and now we must also caution against hurting Sweet Tart…

The Thang:

Circle up and count off 1’s 2’s. It’s always a little tricky, but we managed.  6 on 6, then 6 on 7, then it was finally like 7 on 8.  We started off as froccer, please don’t google that.  It’s that silly ultimate frisbee spin off that involves soccer goals.  Today was different, the 12th man was there, or was it the 16th???  The wind was a big player in everyone’s game.  There were more over/under, sideways, rollers than YHC has ever seen before.  Ugly is probably being nice.  About a 1/3 of the way into the game the transformers down the road blew and the lights went out.  Game 1 goes to the non-penny team.  Game 2 was a throwback to futbol in the dark.  Dark it was.  There wasn’t even a hint of light out there.  1/2 speed walking and kicking the ball slowly morphed into 3/4 speed as the lights slowly warmed back up.  The penny team was on fire, and crushed the penny-less team.  YHC thinks the final score to that game was 3-0.  With the lights back on, Game 3 started with the return of Froccer.  The wind was less predictable and some throws went straight, then the wind would blow some across the field.  Game 3 went to the Pennys.

Wrap up: we had fun.  It was nice to forget about our worries for an hour and just relax.

Prayer requests: The Don’s M is due next week.  Prayers that this baby doesn’t decide to make an appearance during the Hurricane.  If so, Flo shall be it’s name.  Since they haven’t found out the gender, maybe The Don should say a prayer that this kid is a girl.  Otherwise a boy named Flo is going to be like the old Johnny Cash song, “A boy named Sue.”

Prayers for the first responders, and anyone else heading into the danger to keep us safe.

Announcements: Back at the bluff next week for futbol, barring any unseen changes.