• When: 2019-02-21
  • QIC: Skunky
  • The PAX: Slate, Butterbean, Hokie Pokie.

Get A Grip

We sent 4 of our bravest, most capable pax to an all out Spartan training themed WO.

Weather was low 40’s, foggy/misting, and zero wind.

The Thang:

Warm up:
SSH x 20
BIG Arm circles F/BW each x 10 IC.

2 pax grab some YHC supplied corny-keg coupons.
One pair of BIG bricks.
One block.
Gather around the bars and listen to some crappy 90’s tunes.

Set up 8 stations outlined below and did 2 minutes at each before rotating in order with a too short 10 second rest.

1-Hang from the pull-up bar with arms at 90 and alternate your grips (over hand, underhand, mixed, etc.) Idea was to simulate having to change grips as if swinging from ring to ring or bar to bar.
2-Shrugs with a keg on each side weighing in at 51.2lbs each. Once you can’t “IDK” anymore, try to just hold them.
3-Flys with the bricks felt really good after holding over 100lbs of kegs.
4-Pyramid walk to merkin and back up. In terms that those who missed out might better understand, like a downward dog yoga pose, walk hands out, merkin, walk back into your yoga pose.
5-Rows with the block.
6-Plain old dead hang from the bars. Rest as needed and get back up there.
7-Flutter kicks, but not Hokie, he didn’t want to get wet.
8-MTN climbers and plank if you needed a break.

Repeat cycle until the clock ran out.
Recover, recover.

Announcements: Still need possibly 1 or more back ups for firetruck pull. Skunky could use some company (and a driver) for the Beer Mile. Run groups and Top Gun Part Duex will converge at Foxhole @ 0515 for speedwork with ButterBean on the Q.