• When: 2018-10-04
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Dirtbag, Fire Daddy, Flipper, Vanilla, Toothpick

Fruit of the Looms at The Roost

5 PAX started their Thursday off right by showing up at The Roost.  Despite a picture of the new Roost “toys” that was sent out by YHC last night, these guys still showed up. There was a lot of debate and worry, especially from Dirtbag, that YHC was prepared to show up with the “elastic waist bands out of his Fruit of the Looms” this morning. Relax Dirtbag, they’re just bike tire inner tubes.

Conditions: a balmy 70 degrees

The Thang:

Warm up half lap around the track and out the back gate, down the sidewalk between the football field and school to the mini circle near the parking lot for:


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

LAC x 10 fwd, 10 back IC

Stay in COP for everyone’s favorite workout kick-starter-11’s.

1 merkin, 10 plank-jacks

2 merkins, 9 plank-jacks

…all the way to 10 merkins, 1 plank-jack

Recover for instructions on “burpee/merkin snake”: start with 2 burpees, run to end of next row, 4 burpees, run to end of next row, 6 burpees…snaking back/forth down each row. Complete parking lot will get you up to 14 burpees and winded. Rinse, repeat back down rows, only this time, counting down with merkins-14, 12, 10, 8, etc until back to start for 2 merkins.

Jump the gate into the stadium to put the “Fruit of the Looms” to use. Start at the goal line, partner 1 throws the band around their waist and sprints to the 50 yd line while partner 2 provides the resistance. Sounds easy, right? Both drop for 10 merkins at the 50, then switch. Partner 2 runs/partner 1 holds to the opposite goal line…drop for 10 merkins. Rinse/repeat flip-flopping runner/resistance for 10 minutes. This was terrible and left all PAX sucking wind.

Back to track for half-lap back to virtual shovel flag for Mary:

Freedom twists x 30 IC

Plank sequence

Stay in high plank for slow merkin sequence x 10 IC


No convergence at Depot on 10/8-moved to 12/1.

Fill the Roost Q sheet-let’s get at least 2 weeks ahead.

Prayer Requests:

Dirtbag’s Dad is home and doing much better.

Toothpick’s parents.