• When: 2018-05-24
  • QIC: Skunky
  • The PAX: Phonebooth, Jazz Hands, Lap Dog, Smithers, Knot, A1A, Skunky

Feels like a sauna out here

7 pax take a dive into our 90+% humid 70 degree morning

The Thang:

Warm up with some:
Hill Billies if I remember correctly
LAC’s forward and back
and finish WU with a mini lap around the HS building.

Grab a block and line up facing the pull-up bars.

Break into 3 groups each starting at one of three stations for a 3 round circuit:

1-Ape Hangers, PU position then walk hands back and fourth to each side of the bars counted as 1 for 20 reps. When done, move on to the next circuit advancing the pax.

2-Curls until group 1 is done.

3-Peter Parkers until group 2 is advanced and go to circuit 1.

3 rounds.

Quick rest and then grab block and a short mosey to some grass (AKA hard clay) and 2 rounds of 20 Block holding body builders.

-Box cutters IC
-Ray Charles IC
-Flutter Kicks IC

Announcements: Continued prayers for Badgers family and all our brothers in need. Keep Slate in your prayers for a safe and effective trip to Africa.