• When: 2018-11-01
  • QIC: Arrears
  • The PAX: Sir Topham Hat, Laettner, Bellhop, Nutmeg, Penthouse, Bout Time, Fool's Gold, Lumbergh, Soft Toss, Buddy Love, Coppertone, Chubbs, Stagecoach, Turkey Burger, Pothole (Depot Bot 3.0), Moose, Neckbrace (solo runner, no pantalones)


Definition: Before you consult Google Translate it means “the big turkey.”

Cultural Lesson: In ColOmbia, South America, turkey is a special meat only eaten on very special occasions, weddings, promotions etc. It’s special because its expensive and not affordable by many. So if you have a pavo grande you are lucky. Much in that same essence Depot is lucky to have YHC aka Choko Taco, aka Deluxe, aka El Pavo Grande, aka Arrears, Q today.


The nice weather (65ish degrees) brought some old souls back. Welcome home, Coppertone.

Disclaimer – Air tight and reviewed by our own Bellhop. Please forward bill to AOQa cc: AOQb.

Warm Up:

All PAX grab a block and head to the big field. Many confused faces saying “where’s the warm up.” In the words of Solo Runner “there is no warm up in F3.”

Turkey Trot: Can’t celebrate the 1st day of November without a nice indian run to start the morning. Leave blockz on sideline face right and start running, 2x around the field.

Circle up, sorta: TTT x 10 IC, LAC x 10 IC, IW x 10 IC, JD’s x 10 IC

The Thang:

Head back to the blockz partner up. At this point, Soft Toss like an orphan exclaimed ” I need a partner, wahhh.” Luckily, Moose and YHC took him in as #Preakness takes care of its own.

  • Round 1: Partner 1, farmer carry the blockz to the other sideline,mosey back.. Partner 2, Merkins. Flip flop for a total of 150.
    •  Pothole reading in yesterday’s back blast of the trouble his partner, Lumbergh, had with Moose decided to defend Lumbergh’s honor by telling Moose (while doing extra merkins for another team) ” those are the worse merkins I have ever seen [in my life].” This caused Moose to proclaim “I thought he would be nicer since he posted at #Preakness. Welcome back, Pothole.
    • Round 2: Partner 1, farmer carry the blockz to the other side line, Partner 2, squats. Flip flop, total of 200
    • Round 3: TRICKERY, switch blocks with the team next to you. Partner 1, cusack one block to the other side line. Partner 2, curls. Flip flop for a total of 200 (I think).
    • Round 4: Partner 1, cusack one block to the other side line. Partner 2, overhead press. Flip flop for a total of 250 (????)

Not stated above: For each round, Partner 1 leaves the blockz or block at the sideline and mosey’s back. Partner 2 mosey’s to the blockz or block and retrieves it

Indian Run again yaaaaay. Unfortunately, this time around the form was sloppier than a Tri Delt at a Kappa Sig party ;( (No offense to any Tri Delt’s reading this, YHC loves y’all).

Upon Request: YHC strives to give the PAX what they want. Circle up at midfield. Curls for the girls, 10 x bottom to half way up IC, 10 x full extension IC, 12 x top to middle IC.

Cusack blocks back to block pile.

Convene at the shovel flag at 6:13 a.m. Secret Mission: Count off before Neckbrace arrives. Accomplished.

Announcements: Handball tournament resumes on Saturday. Series at 3-2 Red. LETS GO BLUE!