• When: 2017-12-22
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Shag, steel toe, olive oil, rebar, booster, blades, strawberry, paint chip, floppy disc, arrears, boo-respect, power pole, FNG- Write off, water gate, fools gold, lumbergh, bonsai, double fault, pot hole, radar, black lung, pinot, Pepto.

Celebrating 1 year!

It’s been a year since Clash launched as an official AO.  Like it’s pax, Clash is definitely special.  A shared AO between F3Lexington & F3LakeMurray, we are breaking boundaries.  What started out as speed work out at F3Stride with a simple game of soccer turned into a beautiful fellowship of brothers having fun every week.  No matter how one sided the games become the pax show composure and class.  At the end of the hour we leave closer and stronger, not just physically.  This isn’t to say we don’t go hard.  If you ever think that’s the case you need to come watch these guys run down an opponent, fight over the soccer ball, or dive after a frisbee.  It may be a shock to some, but YHC is not an athlete, but it is amazing watching those that are.  I think Booster has it right when he tweeted that there was a lot of fun and great friendships formed this year.  This group is special.

conditions: 47f, dark outside but bright under the lights

disclosure & disclaimers.  Most importantly, don’t hurt Pepto

Game: Froccer, Anniversay style (2 goals per team- large=1 point, small=2 points)

23 pax played this morning.  The field was large, but it was full of defense heavy teams.  Scoring was hard.  The 2 point goals finally were used and inflated the score, but every score was hard fought.  Some pax were under the weather, some were injured, but there were a few standouts.

1. Booster continues to cover the field.  YHC thinks the key is Booster’s arm span, closing speed, height, natural talent, vertical leap, awareness,…

2. Shag was quite problematic on defense against team 2.

3. Bonsai was back handed, across the face, in the cold, defenseless.  He bounced right back.

4. Pot Hole laid out for more frisbees than I have seen in awhile.  Made YHC think of Scarlet.  Hope is doing well in Texas.

5. Power Pole was everywhere.  He may be gunning for a brick.

6. Lumbergh tried cutting people’s heads off with the disc….on every throw.

7. Water Gate continues to display blazing speed.

8. Steel toe remains a formidable force in the middle of the field.

9. Olive Oil continues to terrorize at the goal line.

10. Rebar continues to go after that disc, low or high.  He too will cut you in half.

11. Blades has grown on defense to an expected pain in the side of the opposing team.  It’s probably because he’s in his twenties and YHC is a decade older.

12. Strawberry was new for YHC but kept the sideline action moving.

13. Paint chip brought some excitement on the far side line.  Would love to see him out more often.

14. Floppy disc, despite being under the Elvis cloud, proved why he has a brick.  Luckily, he didn’t leave any on the field.  Or did he??? Water gate had some poo duties to handle before we could play.  He said it looked like a horse had been on the field.

15. First time for YHC meeting Arrears (sp?), but he always had a smile on his face.  He kept the center of field on lock down.

16. Boo showed wisdom and struck fear in several pax making them drop easy passes.

17. Write off is quick.  Sorry kid, you’re an FNG, that’s all you get.

18. Fools Gold found is stride in the 2nd half of the game and broke up some plays.   Team 2 would have been up a lot more.

19. Double Fault laid Pepto out.  In his defense, Double Fault was late and didn’t hear the disclaimer.  DON’T HURT PEPTO!

20. Radar was also new for YHC.  He looked like he had some fun, and found hisself in the way of team 2.  Don’t worry folks, he was on team 1.

21. Black Lung continues to be a play caller and a baller.

22. Pinot has amazing defensive awareness.  He tried calling out YHC on being too close and impeding a throw from Shag, but YHC has short arms.  Hahaha.

23. We all had fun.

announcements:  1. Christmas party just under a year away.  2. Crazy long walk from Moes in Irmo to River Rat on 12/31. 3. Convergence at LHS 1/1- 7am.

Prayer requests: safe travels

FNG: Joshua Raven from Georgetown.  Likes to flounder gig. Married with a little one. Works for IRS (boo hiss.  Bonsai threatened him to a death match) name-o-Rama.  1040ez-audit-TPS-Turbo Tax-Write off.  Welcome Write Off!