• When: 2017-08-10
  • QIC: Brother Si
  • The PAX: Magoo, Smithers, Skunky, Uncle Rico, A1A, Slate, Hodor, Fun Guy, Hokie Pokie, Starkist, Phonebooth, Brother Si

Burpees, Blocks, and Bad Ideas

It was late afternoon on Wednesday when YHC noticed there was no Q listed on the sheet for GOAT. In an effort to get the daily Q list out, YHC asked if there was anybody lined up. This quickly morphed into an EH by the pax of GOAT for an Nan’tan Q. In an effort to encourage the pax to be careful what they asked for, YHC attempted to make sure that the workout was well worth the drive. Turns out that the joke was on me, because the pax responded like champs and showed YHC it was a bad idea to test them.

The Thang

Windmills x 20 IC (Crowdpleaser? Seriously?)
IW x 21 IC
LAC x 20 IC (forward and reverse)

Partner up, grab 1 block and mosey to the grass field.

  • 1 teammate runs the length of the field and back, the other teammate does work.
  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Block Curls
  • 150 Block Press
  • 150 Bent over row
  • 200 BBSU
  • 300 Squat

Mosey back to the block pile and return blocks. Back to shovel flag.



  • Give2Give Campaign
  • F3/FiA Joint Family Workout – 8/19 @ Crooked Creek Park, 8:00-8:45am


  • Excellent stuff this morning at Billie Goat, as we discussed Colossians 1. This quickly evolved into a discussion about prayer. Great encouragement and reminders all around as we remember that prayer should never be looked at as the last resort, and prayers without an accompanying willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus are little more than lip service.