• When: 2019-08-16
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Shag, Rebar, A1A, The Don, Pinot, Water Gate, Penny Stock, Double Fault, Olive Oil, Bonsia, Cheddar, Sweet Tart, Steel Toe, Booster, FN3, Pepto

A little damp

16 pax post to better theirselves and to soak up some of the extra humidity in the air. Froccer was the game of choice.  There was a quiet murmuring of an audible to soccer but it was quickly quashed by the majority.  Maybe next time…

conditions 78F, 100% humidity, feels like Amazonian rain forest.

Disclaimer, count off

2 teams of 8, fairly evenly matched. Speed was divided evenly. Keep in mind, the disc was wet.  Lots of dropped passes.

Top 5

1. We will go ahead and get over with. YHC reaction time is a bit slow. It may be age or just plain ability.

2. Cheddar bounced a pass off Water Gate’s head through the hands of 2 other defenders and finally to his own teammate, leading to a score.

3. Sweet Tart faked out Shag with the old “hide the ball from the puppy” trick.

4. The Don was everywhere.   He blocked more attempts than a girl’s best wingman.

5. Booster ricocheted a disc from all over the rim of the goal to just cross the goal line for a score for his team.  Cheddar earned the good character reward on his admission of defeat.

It was a good time with exercise being done.


prayers for Olive Oil’s upcoming work trip