• When: 2020-02-14
  • QIC: Watergate
  • The PAX:  Pepto, Chop Block, Double Fault, Pinot, Cheddar, Sweet Tart, Penny Stock, Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Lock Box, Banzai, The Don, Rebar, Lap Dog, Pothole, Shag, FN3, YHC

A day that will not live in infamy

Weather – a slightly windy 48 or so

Clash was once again called to order early on Friday morning, and not one of the assembly woke up believing that he would be part of such a historic and magical day.

Historic, because the non-jersey team stormed back  from a double-digit deficit that at one time seemed insurmountable. Magical, because the non-jersey team seemed to transmit the bad decision-making, poor passing, and drops to their jersied counterparts about midway through the match. The jersey team will definitely blame their embarrassing loss on made-up factors like this, and certainly not things like “we chucked a Frisbee 20 yards out of bounds for no reason.”

The #2s began on a roll despite being a man down, the other side seeming incapable of doing anything, before the worm slowly began to turn. The final straw was when Pinot left early, either because he foresaw the pending meltdown or had some type of family/work obligation, one or the other.

In honor of Booster, who was not there this morning and is someone we are hoping to guilt back into becoming a Clash regular, we will bring back the “top five.” Here are the top five bad things that the losing team did today.

Lap Dog hustled as usual and made some plays, but also managed to turn what should have been a wide-open pass into a flick that went approximately two feet for a turnover. Another magical moment. Because we like Lap Dog, we will also throw in a bonus and mention how he was the one that did the chucking of the frisbee like, 20 yards out of bounds for no apparent reason. A lot people did that, though.

It’s not The Don’s fault, but the last play of the game featured one of approximately 37 drops – his turned into the game-winning score. It’s OK, The Don, everyone on our team had at least one of those.

Banzai can sling it, but he zipped one about 300 miles an hour past YHC, who was standing in the end zone.

Cheddar unphased by chatter: Double Fault tried, as usual, to get into Cheddar’s head with the smack talk and seemed at one point to be succeeding. Cheddar, however, rebounded (he has a Mamba mentality, guys) and helped lead his team to victory with his hustle and playmaking ability.

YHC impressively managed to wobble every single pass that he threw today, a bad performance even by his throwing standards.

None of these were why YHC’s team lost; the frisbee was more wet and stuff only when we had it.

Count-rama, name-a-rama

Announcements  – Dam to Dam, possible handball, Frisbee @ Graveyard

Prayer requests: Double Fault’s request for friend in hospice, Olive Oil’s aunt who’s not doing well, the little girl from Cayce’s family and all those affected, Watergate’s wife’s job interview/situation

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