• When: 2018-07-17
  • QIC: Nutmeg
  • The PAX: Neckbrace, Moose (Knuckle), Phonebooth, STH, Bumblebee, Box Wine, Blart, Prairie Dog, Fools Gold, Chubbs, Soft...Toss, Stagecoach, Buddy Love, Stinkbait, Nutmeg (Q)

15 pax gathered this am for a merkin/ burpee filled BEAT DOWN. We also had visit by the fan favorite “BurpeetTrain” that intensified the workout, but with much  growing, sweat and pain we pressed forward!!

CONDITIONS  Dark, Cloudy, and an extremely humid 82 degrees.

Tha Thang

Warm up:

-Side straddle hop (15 struggled at the end but pax backed me to yell recover)

– Wind Mill (10)

– Imperial Walker (10)

-Merkins (10 on your own)

– Burpees (5 on your own)

Shaking off the rust from not Qing in a long while we mosied to the small hill and began the BEAT DOWN!!

– Bottom of the hill 15 burpees

– Run to top of the hill 15 merkins…( welcome the dreaded burpee train, too tired to count how many)

– Drop set by 5’s

Next mosied to block pile and met at the pull up bars at the playground. (Thank God no burpee train)

-15 pull-ups and 20 squats

– Drop sets by 5’s

Now it’s starting suck(I mean burn. Lol!!). Next we mosied to the small soccer field with blocks.

-15 Block burpees (Demo)( had to jump over the block do a burpee and so on..

– Sprint down to the other side of the field and drop set by 5’s

Extremely out of breath “ due to humidity” did a quick 15sec break.

– Then 20 squats then sprint down to other side of the field and drop set by 5’s.

Finally all done with burpees, we began

– 3 10 count curls for the girls (fast then slow tempo)

Lastly returned the block and began marry. Due to a my watch being off, Neckbrace assisted in a 5 min merkin/LBC burn out which blew out the last bit of energy any of us had.  But that’s what F3 is all about “never leave a man behind. TClaps for that and pax having each other’s back and staying motivated pushing one another to finish strong!!

Prayers  Continued prayers for Phonebooth and Soft..Toss family members.