• When: 2019-04-23
  • QIC: ToeTag
  • The PAX: Moneypenny, Firedaddy, Toothpick, Bud, Dirtbag, Splinter, Updike, Flipper, ToeTag

4 years…with a salty (opinionated) crew

9 pax gathered for a YHC’s 4 year anniversary Q. Four years for me was somewhere around Apr. 7. Temperature was perfect this morning. No time was wasted and we promptly went to work. YHC decided to try something new to break up what we usually do. Once we started the smart ass comments flowed quite freely.


SSH X 15

TTT x 15

Little Arm Circles x 15 (front and back)

As the workout was presented moans and groans filled the morning air along with talk of modifying before we got staretd good. You could blame this on BUD who proclaimed at the last work out YHC Q’ed that it was to easy almost Speed Trappish! It went some thing like this

10 rounds of the following:

10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 V-ups and 30 seconds of wall handstand. The handstand was quickly modified to Balls to the Wall and after the first five rounds of complaints was modified to 30 seconds of wall sits.

Mosey the foorball field for:

12 rounds of 100 yard sprints with 10 merkins and 10 V-ups every hundred yards. And yes BUD still took shots the entire time if you are wondering.

Mosey back to the flag for 3 minutes of Mary, Flipper Kicks, American Hammer and Planks.


The Roost 4 year anniversary is May 12. Look for something special that following week at The Roost.


If I may take a moment, as I told the PAX this morning at the BOM I would not have been able to complete this workout 4 years ago. Thank you to the guys who got me out and although I have not been regular the last few months it has felt good to get back after it with the guys from the Roost. It takes a thick skin to hang witht these guys but I enjoy every minute of it.