• When: 2017-08-15
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Slag, Shuck, See-Saw, Elvis (Kotters), Updyke, Hall Pass (R), Tuber, Anthrax, See-Alice, Beaker, Toe Tag, Money Penny, Fire Daddy, Flipper (R), Dirtbag, Revco, Rafter, Mungo, Light Bill, Howler, Rudy, Road Rage, FNG-Daniel Bourbon, Holy Water (R), Creole, Gomer, Stirrups (R), Bag Boy, Mater (R), Toothpick.

I’m a Man, I’m 40!

Conditions: 77 and the air was THICK…

30 PAX rolled into The Roost for a mini convergence of sorts for YHC’s last Q as a “thirty-something.” Appreciate you fellas travelling across the tracks to help me kiss my 30’s good-bye.

The Thang:
A few PAX grab two bricks from the brickpile with the rest grabbing the new additions (#Rafterleftovers) from YHC’s trunk. Off to the front parking lot for;

20 x SSH’s IC
20 x TTT IC
20 x WM IC
20 x IW IC

Grab bricks, head to amphitheater (aka, hottest place on planet Earth) for a little work:
1) step ups-20 ea leg with bricks overhead
2) decline merkins x40
3) V ups x 40
4) flutter kicks w/ bricks overhead x 40 (single count)
*in between each exercise, hairburners w/ bricks up hill to front parking lot then back to amphitheater for next exercise. (planked on the 6)

Run to front of school for a little People’s Chair…wall sit w/ bricks overhead…locked out in front…back to sides & L leg up…then R leg up (#crowdpleaser)

From front of school, run to bus loop, stopping at curves for:

10 x merkins
10 x OH press

Run to Suicide Hill-partner up 1 ST PAX & 1 Roost PAX (if possible) for mini-Dora consisting of 40 reps/team at each speedbump:

1st speedbump: 40 merkins
2nd: 40 squats
3rd: 40 curls
4th: 40 OH press
5th: 40 Iron Crosses

Run to top of back parking lot hill, plank waiting on the 6. Q called merkins- halfway holds, move R, move L, halfway, high plank, etc, etc.

Return bricks and back to shovel flag for Freedom Twists x 39 IC (because I ain’t 40 just yet…)


FNG-Daniel Bourbon (32)…high-pressure water blasting for a living…been in SC for a year…from Georgia. Geyser>Zima>bottom shelf>Whiskey Boy>Wild Turkey>Old Crow>Fleishman’s>Water Pik>back to Zima! Zima it is..!

1) Solar Run-August 20th 6PM at Saluda Shoals

Prayer Requests

1) Creole’s neighbor who was displaced from nuclear power plant. All others impacted.

2) Toothpick’s family friend who got bad news regarding a brain tumor disgnosis.

3) Continued prayers for Elivis’ M.

4) Bag Boy’s friend Hugh who received a cancer diagnosis and is at Duke.

BOM & Prayer

DEVO-James 2:1-favoritism and not showing prejudice. With everything going on in the world today, Charlottesville, Durham, etc YHC thought it was important that we keep some perspecive.