• When: 2017-08-15
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Stretch, Silver Bullet, On-Ramp, Flipshade, Teddy, Odyssey, Foxhole (#Kotters), Tin Cup, Cap Gun, Ash, Serena, Pipeline (self-#Kotters)

Operation: Bootcrime

12 pax welcomed YHC back from bootcamp IR/vacation and were rewarded with a circuit beatdown and at least 1.5 miles of sprints, lunge walks, and other assorted horribles.

Conditions: Swampiest day of the year that YHC can remember

The Thang:


  • Through the tunnel x16 IC
  • Imperial walkers x16 IC
  • SSH x40 IC while Silver Bullet takes his sweet time joining the pax

Double applesauce Indian run down Olde Knight to the corner of the park and back to corner of Olde Knight & Queens Way (hereafter referred to as Queensryche in honor of @Co-Pay)

Commence Operation: Bootcrime (hopefully someone out there will get that reference)

Proceed to each pain station around a 0.6 mile loop. Pull one exercise out of the cup you will find there. Perform 16 reps of said exercise. Proceed as written on the exercise card to the next station.

  • Olde Knight & Queensryche: Burpees; sprint to next station
  • Bend of Queensryche: Merkins / Wide-arm merkins / Diamond merkins; Lunge walk to next station (This did not last long. 1/10 mile is a hella long way to lunge walk, so the pax switched to a mosey after lunge walking 1/3 of the distance)
  • Queensryche & Prince Wales: Russian Twists / Big boy situps / V-ups; Sprint to next station
  • Queensryche & Chambly: Carolina dry docks / Little arm circles / Mountain climbers; Bear crawl to next station (in reality about 150 yards; see above)
  • Chambly & Olde Knight: Squats / Jump lunges / calf raises (here the #Stumble pax felt it necessary to remind YHC of tomorrow’s 10K); sprint to next station
  • Shovel flag: While waiting on the 6, AMRAP SSH / Flutter kicks / Plank

Repeato the whole circuit, reducing the number of reps to 14 the second time around, and pull a different card than the one you pulled the first time
After completing 2 laps, YHC notes that he got the stations mixed up. Burpees were supposed to be the last station, not the first… sooooo…

All pax sprint back to station 1, burpees x12, sprint back to the flag.



BOM by Pipeline

Devo by Pipeline. With the events in Charlottesville and the overall state of race relations today, it’s a good time to note that F3 often takes place in a suburban, white, middle-aged bubble. This is not a good thing. Men of all races, colors, and creeds need this. Remember that your neighbor is not just the guy that lives next to you, but is also the guy you pass on the street who looks nothing like you, works a different job than you… or doesn’t have a job.


  • YHC was JUST A BIT ambitious with the bear crawl and lunge walk segments. #Cobains. Happens when you haven’t been to a bootcamp in awhile.
  • Kotters to Foxhole, back from IR and DR


  • Q School this Saturday at 0700 at Brickpile
  • #Give2Give campaign to support LEAP expansion. Donate the gym fees you saved here and get F3 Columbia moved up on the leaderboard. More details here.
  • F3 Beaufort launch, next Saturday 8/26, at the marina in downtown Beaufort. Woodshed OG Crack is heading this up, so get down there and support him if you can.
  • @Cap Gun is taking P200 HCs; if you’ve never done this before, you want to.

Pipeline out.

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