• When: 2017-08-15
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Honey Bun (R), Kukoc, Kid Sister, Tinkle, Farmer, FNG - Kazoo, Icarus, Steamer, Shake N Bake, Ebert, TriDelta, Finch, Hoboken, Riverdance, Hobby Lobby, Mrs. Doubtfire "Hellllllooooo", Scribble, Dundee, Harp, Little Woot, Katniss, Braniac, Emmy

1 Year of F3 = 1 Year of life change

Weather – 75 ish and not near as muggy as last year.

Disclaimer – YHC is not a professional and 1 year ago today after a Tinkle Q I was leaning against the fire hydrant performing a exercise that is not in the Lexicon called the dry heave.  

Circle up and pray

Mosey down the stairs and circle up

10 burpees oyo (during YHC first post Tinkle kindly advised him that “we do a push up at the bottom of our burpees”)
15 (Honey Buns) American hammers ic
10 merkins ic
15 (Chinstraps) flutter kicks ic
10 cooper head Squats ic
little baby arm circles 10 f/10r (keep them up)
Over head arm claps 10 ic (keep them up)
Big arm circles 10f/10r

YHC wanted to try and recreate my first post but honestly it was a blur of suck so we took the general plan Tinkle had used 1 year ago and modified to make it work

4 corners
Corner #1 – Carolina Drydock 15
Lunge walk across field
Corner #2 – merkins 25 (YHC had originally called for 20, however mumble chatter dictated that we go for 25)
Backpedal down sideline
Corner #3 – flutter kicks 30 (2 count)
Bear crawl across field
Corner #4 – American Hammers 30 (2 count)
High knee down sideline.
Plank on the 6.

Rinse and Repeat

Corner #1 – Dive Bombers 10
Reverse Lunge walk across field
Corner #2 – merkins 25
Backpedal down sideline
Corner #3 – Burpees 10
Bear crawl across field
Corner #4 – Flutter Kicks 30 (2 count)
High knee down sideline.
Plank on the 6.

Under Over down the Sideline

Starting on the Goal Line Space out along sideline every 5 yards.
Each Pax member begins at the end will go over under first Pac in line (whose holding a high plank) then go under the next pax in line (whose will be holding a low plank) until he gets to end of line or the entire Pax reaches the opposite goal line

Mosey to the pull up bars. (YHC strongly dislikes pull ups however we only get better if we continue to push through exercises that are not easy)
Split into 3 Groups
Group 1 – 5 pull ups on the bars
Group 2 – 5 burpees at the bottom of the wide stair
Group 3 – 15 Lunges at the top of wide stairs
After you complete your set move to the next station.

Meet up at the pull up bars. Each member of the Pax does 2 pull ups and mosey to the bottom of the big boy stairs. 

Jail break the shovel flag.

Count a Rama – 23 Pax
Name a Rama – Welcome FNG – Kazoo (WKHS 11th Grader, Cross Country Runner and Band Member that dominated all Pax that ran in the WKHS Move for the Music 5K earlier this year)
Announcements – 8/19 SNAKE PIT 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY, 8/19 F3Mission needs rucks and coupons, 8/26 Stomp the Swamp 5K, 9/4 Labor Day 5 Miler, 10/14 Dam Tri.
Prayer Requests – 6ft & Family, Katniss’ Brother & Sister Inlaw’s Family, Emmy’s Sister inlaw, Our Nation and the tragedy from this past weekend in VA, Teachers & Students (Thankful for Tri Delta, Kukoc and several other Godly Men of F3 that have a positive impact on the students in our community)

Moleskin – Last August YHC family took a family road trip to Indiana, Illinois and North Carolina. As we made the trek back south and stopped in the mountains of North Carolina my M wanted to go hiking as a family on a trail she had gone on several times growing up. About 2 minutes into the hike she says “I don’t remember it being this hard the last time I was here!”. Thankfully YHC had been married for 10 years at this point and was intelligent enough not to reply with “That’s was 20 years and 3 kids ago!”. We made it to the top and decided it was time to get ourselves into shape, however had no idea what that looked like. Fast forward a couple weeks after we return from vacation an order came into the trophy shop for the RBHS Stomp the Swamp 5K and the F3 State Championships. YHC just making conversation with my customer started asking questions about the “F Cubed” State Championships. Fast forward week later another customer (Estrada) came into the shop wearing a F3 Snakepit Shirt and again just making conversation with a customer YHC found out there was a “free” workout group that met at WKHS just up the street from the house. Fast forward a couple of days, YHC has the honor and privilege to be a Small Group Leader for the Elementary School Boys at Lexington Baptist Church and works along side some great people. In leaders meeting 2 other leaders (Hoboken & Farmer) were talking about their F3 group and YHC discovered they both posted at Snakepit. YHC has always been hard headed but it was pretty obvious that God was telling me to get up on Tuesday and check out F3. That Tuesday morning a year ago it was hot, humid and a guy who called himself “Tinkle” was the “Q”. YHC suffered through the first workout and was named “Emmy” because he worked at a trophy shop and according to that Tinkle guy, Oscar was too cool. Fast forward a month and YHC is starting to enjoy bootcamp a little and getting to know some of the Pax and FiA, the ladies equivalent to F3, opens up at WKHS. It took some serious convincing to get the M up and out the door for a 5 am workout, but she did it and was named Glee (chorus teacher). This was a major leap of faith for her however fast forward a month, the teacher in her took over and she wanted to Q. F3 & FiA officially became routines in our home. Fast forward a month or so and YHC mistakenly showed up an hour early on a cold rainy Saturday and Honey Bun was the only pax at the Snakepit. As YHC walked up HB says “Good morning, how many miles you want to get in today?”. YHC was not and never wanted to be a runner and had no intention of running that morning, but YHC didn’t want to tell HB no either, so I just said “I just try and keep up.” Stridelite then became a routine. Fast forward a month and YHC was asked on a Sunday afternoon to be an alternate for this P200 event coming up. As Ebert described it “Just in case someone has to cancel at the last minute.” YHC checked with the M and the calendar was clear that weekend so I agreed to be an alternate. Within 12 hours YHC was no longer an alternate on the P200 team and was assigned to Van 1 and running 18-20 miles, having never run more than 5 miles at one time before. Fast forward a few months and YHC has gotten talked into participating this thing called the MudRun, signing up a triathlon and signing up for a 1/2 marathon before the years out. Glee is loving her FiA Sisters, Q’s on a regular basis, feeling great about her fitness, has lost XX lbs (YHC has now been married 11 years and knows better than to post the actual total), and she has just began working out with a Ruck and signed up for a Pathfinder Class. Fast forward to this past June on our family vacation at the beach and the rest of the family thought YHC and M were crazy for getting up and swinging kettle bells before the 2.0 woke up (we just laughed and did another set). Fast forward to the first week of August this year, YHC and family took another road trip up North and we ran and/or rucked every morning and then made our return to the trail in North Carolina that about destroyed us. This year with Rucks full of weights and water we cruised to the top of the mountain and celebrated with a the 2.0s on how far we have come in a year.

F3 has been a great workout group for YHC however the brotherhood I have had the honor become a part of is hard to describe to an outsider. Relationships that previously existed have gotten stronger, new relationships have formed, 2.0s and family life have been strongly influenced in a positive way. I pray that all F3 AOs have the same bond that we share at the Snakepit because as men we need other men to walk alongside us and do life together.

Thanks again to all my F3 Brothers! It has been an amazing year for YHC and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!