• When: 2019-05-30
  • QIC: Landshark
  • The PAX: Bloodwork, Bone Saw, Landshark, Silver Bullet, Teddy, SnapChat, Rosinbagger, Corn Dog, & Ash

Woodshed and Legion lace it up on the blacktop


Summer has arrived!

The Thang:

Landshark had the Q and cooked up a workout themed around the NBA Finals starting up.

Warmup: Right before starting Woodshed PAX were joined by 3 PAX from Legion who jogged over from their COT! Short mosey, SSH, imperial walkers, little baby arm circles (forwards, backwards & overhead press combo) all in cadence. Mosey to basketball court.

Basketball court stations: 12 stations marked around the basketball court. Each station had 4 exercises (representing 4 quarters) with the exception of 5 stations. Center court always 5 burpees. Top of the key both sides was imitating 5 turnaround jump shots on each side. Free throw line was imitating 5 layups on both sides. Other stations included workouts like … merkins, squats, mountain climbers, high knees, squat jumps, Carolina drydocks, LBCs, Frankenstein’s, Freddie Mercury’s, lunges, windmills, high knees.

PAX split up around the 12 stations. Timer was set to 8 minutes to mark the start and end of each quarter. During the quarter, PAX moved from station to station, completing the corresponding exercise. After ending station 12, complete one lap around the court and rotate to station 1.

As the quarters moved along the PAX got in the flow and began to look like a well oiled machine of a basketball team moving around the blacktop seamlessly (unfortunately there is no video tape proving this, so we can’t see this or any collisions that may or may not have happened when attempting fake layups and jump shots … ). Legion PAX left to jog back to their COT shortly after the top of the hour.

Mosey back to COT at the end of 4 quarters.


Thanks to Legion PAX for joining us today!

Woodshed represented at the Sweat it Out 5K on 6/1!

Woodshed June & July schedule posted (Crazy Train field trips around the corner!)