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Where did this fence come from?

The PAX discovered a new fence this morning on the school grounds that changes up the layout of Woodshed a bit but didn’t keep us from accessing the cage.

The Thang:

Warmup: SSH x 50 in cadence followed by 5 burpees. Mosey towards the cinder blocks.

Circle Up midway to cage: High plank, Merkin around the circle (1 merkin each around the circle) … followed by holding low plank around the circle … followed by one merkin around the circle

After inspecting the new fence, each PAX picked up one cinder block, Cusack carry back to start of the fence. Circle up 1: 20 Squats with block, 20 curls with block. Cusack walk. Circle up 2: big boy sit ups with block x20, Russian twists with block x10dc. PAX leave cinder blocks in pile near new fence area.

Mosey from field down to lower playground. Partner up. Set one – Partner 1 jog around dirt path in woods, Partner 2 pull-ups AMRAP. Switch. Set two – Partner 1 jog, Partner 2 alternate merkins and dips. Switch.

Frisbee Race. Two groups. Start at lower playground, finish line at cinder blocks. Each group rotates through who throws the frisbee. Group jogs to disc and completes exercise (merkins / squats x10). Winning group: ab circle. Losing group: farmer’s carry all cinder blocks back to cage.

Mosey back to the flag. A few exercises (burpees x5, boat canoe) until time is called.

Announcements & prayer.