• When: 09/28/15
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Baby Ruth, Columbo, Tuff Guy (#TheBullsEye), Alter Boy (BE)

Wet & Humid at the #ConcreteBeast

5 Pax, 3 for #TheBull & 2 for #TheBullsEye/Tail/Ear***, posted this morning in the gloom and #GotBetter.  Two words sum up this morning…wet and humid.  Work was done.

Conditions: 73 Degrees and 95% Humidity

The Thang:

#TheBull – Gather at the corner of Blossom and Bull Streets. Run to the top of the Bull Street hill stopping at Devine Street. Hang a left and enter the first of three garage stairwells. Climb to the top and complete 20 merkins. Descend down the same stairwell stopping at the base to complete 20 LBC’s. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 2nd garage stairwell. Up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 3rd and lowest garage stairwell. Climb up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down to the base of the Bull Street hill rounding the power pole. That’s 1 rep. Rinse & Repeat for 45-minutes completing AMRAP. With each new rep one merkin and LBC is removed (20, 20, 20; 19, 19, 19; 18, 18, 18; etc.).


Results (#TheBull):

#Matador: Improv – 206.5 (25 lbs.)
2nd Points: Baby Ruth – 172.5 (0 lbs.)
Most Reps: Baby Ruth – 5.75 laps
Most Weight: Improv – 25 lbs.

Link to the Results


  • Palmetto 200 sign-up is active and so is the preblast. The cost goes up at the end of this month. There is also a F3 discount code. Check the preblast here for details: #F3P200
  • Mud Run sign-up has been extended through 10/3 but that is the ABSOLUTE drop-dead deadline. One thing’s for sure, given how many “Mud Run” posts I had to sift through on the F3Nation site to find the preblast it’s clear just about every region is putting in their work. Are you? Is your AO? Are you even going to participate in it? Don’t think. Just sign up. Preblast here: Mud Run
  • The #Leap rolls on with major launches 11/7 in Savannah, Augusta, and Knoxville. Have some FNG’s in those markets? Sign them up for emails here: #Leap
  • On a local expansion front #Blitz launches at Memorial Stadium 9/29. Cornstache is the AOQ and is looking to make this a creative, thirty minute beatdown. The workout is 5:45-6:15 but promises to pack enough pain to fill a more typical 45 minute workout. While ‘Stache would appreciate your support he is hoping to cultivate a new group of pax. If you know anyone in the Rosewood area please get those guys to this workout.

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