• When: 08/02/14
  • QIC: Neck Brace, Mayhem, Smokey, Brother Si, A1A, Socrates
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Robber, Pothole, Chernobyl, Room Mate, Silver Bullet, Woody, Phonebooth, Mission, Phinney, Scotchguard, House, Clipboard, Baby daddy, Quest, Hall pass, Package, Splatt, Earlobe, Chop shop, Kumbaya, Pickup, Ranger, Beowol,f, Yellow Cake, Loose screw, Bounced, Check, Panty Hose, Uno, Dredd, Rooster, Blue screen, Say What, Ginger, Insanity, Malfunction Junction, No Show, Chicken Fried, Mellow Yellow, Stirrups, Tonto, Two Gloves, Deliverance, Slate, Vanilla, Leadbelly, Jingles, Cousteau, JD, Snot Rocket, Swampy, Chip, Blockhead, Carrot, Top, Spool, Break, Binary, Rocket, Sled, Fracker, PomPom, Turassi, Outhouse, Crawlspace, Fast Casual, Little Chop, Garmin, Soft Tail, Breakfast Club, Magoo, Wiggles, Muggy Tape, Hatter, Furlow, Rudy, John Boy, Harp, Enos, Yanni, Pajanimal, The Don, C3PO, Driveby, Paperboy, Home Wrecker, Dry Heave, JJ, Half Empty, Blue Crab, Tumbler, Moonshine, EZ, Yogi, Bear, MagicMike, Ziffle, Merkin, Oz, Senator, Plea, Dufresne, Zamboni, False Alarm, Full Metal, Jacket, Ramblin Wreck, Chaser, Stone, Grillz, Lunch Lady, Good Answer, McLovin, Quisenberry, Buzzsaw, Cream Cheese, Sparky, Lavar, Hee Haw, Double Mint, Clinch, Uncle Rico, Field Goal, Boris, Pele, Lobo, Nikita, Snowbird, Ricter, No Help, Rivet, Floppy Disk, Convoy, Rafter, Smithers, Spackle, Tooth Pick, Stagecoach, Mad Hatter, Sisterwife, Lt. Dan, Sway, Subprime, Blindside, Fiji, The Glory Days, Chinstrap, Bunny slope ,Firebreak ,Rehab, Runflat, Digger, Pebbles, Slim Jim, Crash, Napalm, Ken Doll, Scooper, Meatball, Futon, Wolverine, Smokey, Socrates, A1A, Mayhem, Brother Si, Neckbrace, Gus Roberson FNG (Higgins), Brandon Hassler FNG (Tackleberry), Hayne Hodges FNG (Hung Jury), Travis Mitchell FNG (Tallboy), Jason Coon FNG (No Name Given) ?

Welcome to Lake Murray!

170 PAX (4 FNGs) descended upon the hallow ground of Strut, once part of F3Columbia. It is with great honor and humility that I author this backblast. 364 days ago 40 men came to this place as SadClowns. Thanks to Dredd, Sway, AlterBoy, Napalm, Mission, Robber, among many many others we now proudly launch F3LakeMurray. We are one brotherhood with one purpose…to make ourselves better men. Together we have done this. We have changed lives, bodies and minds, achieved purpose and developed initiative, and created a desire for self-reflection. We have challenged ourselves in every way possible. Most importantly, we have discovered that we are 3rd.  Thanks to Dredd for making this trip to Columbia to celebrate.

Disclaimer – Neck Brace
BOM – Dredd


Group 1 (A1A)
Mosey to soccer field top with intervals of butt kicks and high knees.
Line up on sideline:
Bear crawl ½ way, sprint to other side
Crab Walk ½ way, sprint to other side
Wheelbarrow – switch ½ way
Partner drag – switch ½ way
Repeat partner drag

Mosey to baseball field
101 – 4 count SSH IC
Countdown – merkins/raise the roof 10-1
Count up 1-10

Mosey to Large Baseball field
The beast intervals of 10: squats, squats, lunges, lunges, jump squats (planks between)
Karaoke between poles and back

Mosey to Concession stand
Plank to wait for other group
15 – dips, inclined merkins, declined merkins, wide arm reverse rows, narrow arm reverse rows
Repeat with 10
Repeat with 5

Group 2 (Mayhem)
Baseball Field: Count off by 3’s
1 – Sprint to left field – 25 merkins – sprint back – 25 merkins
2 – Sprint to center field – 25 LBC’s – sprint back – 25 LBC’s
3 – Sprint to right field – 25 Squats – sprint back – 25 squats
Flutters until everyone is done
Rotate stations until each group has done all 3
60 seconds balls to wall (fence)

Football Field: Partner Up
Wheel barrow 20yds – 5 burpees
Wheel barrow 20 yds (Partner) – 5 burpees
Prisoner Lunger 20 yds – 5 burpees
Bear crawl 20 yds – 5 burpees
Crab walk 20 yds – 5 burpees
Flutters until everyone is done

Concession Stand:
– Plank walk around planters
– 20 Box jumps
– 20 dips & 20 Decline merkins
Flutters until everyone is done

Soccer Field (Bottom)
Merkin Suicides
Sprint to first cone – 10 merkins
Sprint back – 10 merkins
same for 3rd, 4th, 5th cones and finally to sidewalk

Group 3 (Socrates)
# 3 Baseball field (improv for football field):
Start on fence on 1st base side, right field – OYO…
Run to 1st light pole – do 10 Plank Jacks
Run to back to fence – do 10 Plank Jacks
Run to 2nd light pole – do 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Run to back to fence – do 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Run to 3rd light pole – do 30 SSH
Run to back to fence – do 30 SSH
Run to 4th light pole – do 40 LBCs
Run to back to fence – do 40 LBCs
Run to fence on opposite side – do 50 Merkins
Sprint to the original starting point and plank

# 4 Concession Stand
15 Dips (OYO)
15 Step-ups (each leg – OYO)
15 incline merkins (OYO)
15 decline merkins (OYO)
Two laps around building and plank till all are finished
15 wide pullups (OYO)
15 closed grip pullups (OYO)
15 incline merkins (OYO)
15 decline merkins (OYO)
Two laps around building

# 5 Soccer Field
Lineup on touchline and load the Arc
Sprint forward/run backwards back
Karaoke over/back
Lunge walk over/back
Bear Crawl over/Crab walk back

# 6 The Hill
Jacob’s Ladder: Seven times up the hill, with an increasing number of burpees at the top each trip up
Close out with 15 Surfjacks (IC)

Group 4 (Smokey)
Stop #1 Concession Stand
Pullups on Bars x20 OYO
Stepups x20 per leg OYO
Incline Merkin x20 OYO
Decline Merkin x20 OYO
Plank to wait on 6
Two Laps around field
People’s Chair x60 seconds

Stop #2 Bottom Soccer Field
Defunk Indian Run to Bottom Soccer Field Edge
All you got to Baseball backstop then line up on along fence
Merkin Suicides x10 at each location (cones and fence line)
Plank-o-rama to wait on 6

Stop #3 Heartbreak Hill
2 line Indian Run around path to get to Hill
Line up along bottom of hill
Bear Crawl to top of hill
Crabwalk back to bottom of hill
Jacob’s Ladder starting with 10 Burpees at top of hill
9 Burpees at bottom and so on down to 5 Burpees at Bottom

Stop #4 Upper Soccer Field
High Knees halfway to field and Buttkicks the rest of the way
Line up along fence
Ski Jump x60 seconds (side to side)
Front to Back Jump x60 seconds

Group 5 (Neck Brace)
Soccer Bottom:
Start at endline
Run to 1st Cone – 10 up/downs
Run to 2nd Cone – 10 burpees
Run to 3rd Cone – 10 jump squats
Run to 4th Cone – Low Plank until 6 arrives
Run back to endline – 30 mountain climbers R&R until time up

Run up Hill – 25 dips
Run down Hill – 20 squats
Run up Hill – 25 step ups (each leg)
Run down Hill – 20 squats
Run up Hill – 25 Decline Merkins
Run down Hill – 20 squats
Run up Hill – 25 pull ups
Run down Hill – 20 squats

Soccer Top:
Tabata 20/10 x 8
Low Plank

Pair Up
Sprint to First, Karyoke to Second, Run Backwards to Thrid, Sprint Home Bear Crawl to First, Crab Walk to Second, Frog Jump to Third, Walking Lunge Home
Fireman’s Carry First to Home, Switch

Group 6 (Brother Si)
Mosey to Hill
Divide into teams of 4, 5, or 6.
Teams grab a picnic table and take down hill. 1 Burpee at bottom.
Return table to top. 1 Burpee at top.
Rinse and repeat, increasing by 1 each rep. 5 total trips.
Return tables. Dips x 15 IC

Mosey to Top Soccer Field
Line up on 1 sideline.
Bear crawl to other sideline. Sprint back. Plank to wait on 6.
Shuffle right to opposite sideline. Sprint back. Flutters to wait on 6.
Shuffle left to opposite sideline. Sprint back. Flutters to wait on 6.
Karaoke right to opposite sideline. Sprint back. Plank to wait on 6.
Karaoke left to opposite sideline. Sprint back. Plank to wait on 6.
Sprint to opposite sideline and back.

Mosey to small baseball field.
Partner up
Partner 1 enters baseball field and runs fair pole to fair pole and back.
While partner 1 runs, partner 2 exercises on planters outside field. Flapjack.
1st rep – Dips
2nd rep – Decline Merkins
3rd rep – Step ups

Mosey to Large baseball field
Start at light pole in foul territory.
Run to 1st light pole in OF, do 6 explosive Merkins.
Run to next light pole, 6 explosive Merkins.
Repeat for a total of 6 stations. Plank to wait on 6.
Second rotation is Big Boy Sit-ups, back across the OF. Flutters to wait on 6.
Third rotation is Jump Squats, back across the OF. Flutters to wait on 6.

Mary (Robber and Mission)
Flutterkicks x 30 IC
LBCs x 20 IC
Boat/Canoe x 10 IC
Flutterkicks x 20 IC

COT – Socrates
BOM – Brother Si

1. See email blast from Sway re: F3LakeMurray
2. Continued prayers for Walker Phillips
3. My hands are tired from typing this BB.

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