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USMC Mud Run Update – Team Info

Just about 5 weeks until the fall USMC Mud Run. Training should be in full swing. This spreadsheet — USMC Fall Mud Run Teams –provides a preliminary list of teams and starting order. A couple of items to note… There were many changes in existing teams, and we did our best to align individuals on teams in a manner that made sense. However, please note this is not a perfect science. F3 has grown substantially this year, and it’s not possible to know precisely each person’s level of fitness. Fortunately, the best thing about the mud run is it doesn’t matter. The second F is the most important aspect of this race – you will have an absolute blast regardless. If your team is not full just yet, or you are still listed as an individual, it’s only because we’re trying to balance the numbers, and we’ll get the holes filled very soon. Also, if you have not paid for either registration and/or transportation/sundries, please do so immediately via the original payment links at the bottom of this post.

As far as starting times, we have 70 teams with the first one starting at approximately 7:53am. Although this is a little later than last year (about 20 minutes), USMC was flexible in allowing us to register teams offline and delay payment until funds were secured. They also blocked out additional time around our slots to let the course clear before we start. Hopefully, this will address some of the issues around a later start time. And not to worry, we’ll make sure we have plenty of time for post-race festivities.  I will post final start times once I receive information from USMC.

The regional Qs for this event are Bama (North), Dora (South), Sway (Columbia), and myself (Metro). Please contact your regional Q if you have any questions or concerns, particularly if you do not find your name but think you signed up.  Dora was just pulled in to organize activities in the South last week, so bear with him as he irons out the teams. Contact information is provided below.

Looking forward to October 12th.



[email protected] (Metro)

[email protected] (North)

[email protected] (Columbia)

[email protected] (South)


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  1. On the list that was provided on the link above “Team Mud Be The Shoes” shows as USMC team #224 and F3 team #65. If you log into the USMC start times it shows that #224 is Team Petrino???????

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