• When: 2017-11-27
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Teddy and Pondo

Turkey Hangover Bells

2 Pax braved the post-tryptophan cold at #TheYard for an #OldFashionedBeatDown

Conditions- lonely, at first, then Teddy showed up.  It was still cold.

The Thang: Warm up with SSH, IW’s, Buttkicks, HighKnees, Merkins & Squats, all x 20  & OYO.

KB Revolutions: Halos, Slingshots, Around the World, Fig. 8, Hunchbacks, all x 10 each way.

KB Swings x 20, Curls x 20, Tri_exts x 20, BBSU’s x 20 all OYO

Bell Merkins x 20, Snatches x 20 each arm, KB rows x 20 each arm, Russ Twists x 20 all OYO

Bell Squats x 20, Alt. Lunges x 20 (each leg), Calf Raises x 40, LBC’s x 40 all OYO

Single Leg Deadlifs x 20 (each leg), Rolling Turkish GetUps x 20 (#CrowdPleaser), Squat Thrusts x 20 (#EvenBiggerCrowdPleaser), Iron Cross x 20 all OYO

Sideswings x 20, Wood chops x 20 (each way), waiter press x 20 each arm.  Timed out.

COT and BOM by Pondo

Moleskin:  Thank goodness for Teddy.  It’s tough to post on a cold dark morning after a nice long holiday.