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Today on Thursdays with Phlegm

AO: thunder
Q: Phlegm
PAX: Bucket Truck, McLovin, Oscar, Fallout, Snowflake, Betamax, Biggie Smalls, Adrian, Costanza, Spot, Insanity, SweetTart, Pinkman, Huffy (CBHM Masters Champ), Jabberwockie
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC x 30, Through the Tunnel IC x 20, Imperial Walkers IC x 20, Windmills IC x 20, Run 1 lap around the Track.
THE THANG: Each Pax finds a partner to do the Diego, a Dora variation. One partner starts at the courtyard and runs straight to the other side of the field, does 1 burpee, and returns. While he runs the partner does the exercise and they alternate; with each run to the other side of the field, you increase your Burpee count by one. The Pax couples complete their exercises using the bricks provided. The Pax completes 100 Block Merkins, 150 overhead Block presses, 200 Freedom Twists with Blocks, 250 Block Curls, and 300 Squats with Blocks. After the Diego is completed, we do Flutter Presses IC x 20, J-Lo’s, Spot LBCs IC x 20, Rosalitas IC x 20, Step ups with Blocks x 20 each leg, 20 inclines, 20 Declines, Mosey back to COT and do 60 seconds of High Jacks (5 SSH, 2 squat jumps, repeat).
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check announcements page for Runvergence this Friday, Dawnstrike AoQ handoff 3/2, Convergence with Lexington F3 10 yr Anniversary 3/9? check date on Slack just to make sure.
COT: Prayers for quick recovery of Pinkman’s Mom, all those who are hurting and in need.

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