• When: 2018-01-03
  • QIC: McBeal
  • The PAX: Wham!, Fudd (respect), Kamikaze (respect), Katniss, McLovin, Turnpike, McBeal

#TheCastle BackBlast 01.03.2017

This was a day for the men who wanted it.  As some of you know, late November and early December were unkind to this centurion.  The holiday diet and a sedentary lifestyle do not a fit PAX make.  But my number was up and it was time to get back to being a member of this great group and more importantly, as AOQ emeritus, to lead this group again.


A warm and toasty 22, but at least there was no wind

Disclaimer with a reminder of just who the hell I am


SSH x18

IW x18

Mosey to the Guard Shack

Merkins X10

LBCs x15

Squats X20

Mosey back to COP

Chaser LBCs x20 OYO

LBACf and reverse X18

Partner up and mosey to dumpster

Dora time, because I’m nothing if not original

100 merkins

200 LBCs

300 squats

air chair on the 6

slowsey to picnic tables

dips X15, merkins on bench X15, in and outs X15

run down steps and lap around tennis court, back to tables

three rounds total

slowsey back to COP

Thunderstruck by AC/DC plays on the mobile phone

jog in place or SSHs until you hear “thunder” or “thunderstruck” – when heard, do a Burpee.


Announcements – HDHH (which has already happened since this backblast is late as all hell) and some other stuff I can’t remember (see previous parenthetical)


McBeal out