• When: 2017-11-14
  • QIC: Furlough
  • The PAX: McLovin, Lapdog, Spread, Krusty, Prom, Sheets, TaterTot, Levar, Kilt, Polo, Kitty, Furlough,

That’s what you get for planning ahead ….

12 showed up this morning for a little workout. A rare occurrence happened when YHC planned a Swampfox workout over the weekend. Then Scramble decided to join the #Bullseye on Monday. So it was either change it up or suck it up on Tuesday. YHC decided to suck it up so everyone was able to enjoy. Here’s what we did …

Conditions: Dry 40 degrees, nice

The Thang

Run to Corner of Clemson and Forest- Circle Up

SSH x 50 IC

Russian Twist x 50 IC

Flutters x 50 IC

Plank Jacks x 50 IC

Run across Forest to Rutland Hill and mosey down to first driveway on left.

Hold Plank. 10 Merkins – Sprint to Top of Rutland and back down to next driveway

Hold Plank waiting on SIX. 10 Merkins and SPRINT to top of Rutland and back down to next driveway.

REPEAT all the way down Rutland – hitting every driveway down (EIGHT) and back up (FIVE).

Mosey back to COT for “Bring Sally Up” SQUATS edition. Don’t think this is going to make McLovin’s playlist anytime soon.

Finish up with 25 Incline, 25 Decline, 10 right hand on curb and 10 Left hand on curb merkins.

COT/BOM: Furlough

ANNOUNCEMENT: Christmas Party December 14th and BIG thank you to all who contributed to the Mission food drive.