• When: 2017-11-13
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: BackStop, Kamikaze, Bubbles, TurnPike, Catus, FreeBird, Beamer, Grillz, TurnCoat and 1 name I could not make out.

Tennis Time at The Castle

To all the guys at The Castle, I am very sorry for the delay in getting this Backblast posted. I hate to say it but work/life got in the way since I did the workout.  I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to come Q and hope you will have me back soon.

We had 11 strong this morning at The Castle.

Weather: Brisk 47 degrees with a few showers before we worked out

Merkins 15 IC (2 Times)
Flutter Kicks 20 IC
Big Boys Situps 20 OYO

Go over and get the blocks out for some block work – Circle up

Curls 20 IC, Bench Presses 25 IC, Block over Head Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Goblet Squats 15 IC, Shoulder Presses 20 IC, Goblet Squat 15 IC

Put the blocks up then jog it over to the tennis courts to do a little mix of everything.

We divided into two teams so half started at Station 1 and the rest at Station 2. Start at Station 1/2 do the exercises, Lunge Walk to next corner then Bear Crawl to next corner which is Station 2/1 do the exercises, Lunge Walk to next corner then Bear Crawl back to where you started and start next loop.

Station 1 (Corner 1) Group 1 starts
10 Burpees
15 Diamond Merkins
15 Big Boy Sit-ups
15 Wide Arm Merkins
15 Mountain Climbers – single leg count
15 Regular Merkins
20 Flutter Kicks – Single leg count

Lunge Walk to corner 2, from corner 2 Bear Crawl to corner 3 for Station 2

Station 2 (Corner 3) Group 2 starts
10 Burpees
20 Catchers Squats
20 Big Boy Sit-ups
20 Calf Raises
1 minute Fence Sits (like wall sits but on fence)
20 Flutter Kicks – single leg count
10 each leg Pistol Squats (uses fence for support)
20 LBC’s
10 each leg Bulgarian Split Squats using the bench to rest your back leg on

Lunge Walk to corner 4 then Bear Crawl to corner 1 and repeat until I call it.

Jog it over to the parking lot and close it out.



11/21/17 F3 Families Helping Families Phone Bank Night 4:30pm until 7:30pm contact Sway – Flynn Bowie (808-467-6968) if you can help out. If you have never done this you are missing a great time.

12/14/17 F3 Christmas Party at Kings Great Club starting around 6:30pm. More  information to come from PaperBoy.

BOM – Boris