• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Milli Vanilli, Teachers Pet, Punch List, Dr. Quinn, Voltron, Redeye, Breakfast Club, Mac

Ode to mount Thundercat

Home sweet home I cried with glee

to the toughest AO in town.

8 Pax arrived including me

to the gloom, ready to throw down.


Circling up the chatter began

the intelligence level dropped.

We began to talk of a made up name

and from there it never stopped.


Thundercat is what we will say

if anyone should inquire.

The thunder part was ok,

the rest left much to be desired.


The air was quite chilly

so we quickly moseyed on

Giggling like a group of silly

teens on the way to prom.


The COP was the same old stuff

that YHC always brings

The Pax had seen it all enough

they could do it in their dreams


We quickly moseyed once again

and stopped on the helipad

Busting balls of a bulgarian

who’s name I think was Vlad


Finishing up with morning wood

and of course merkinators,

some felt that set was good

but others will remain haters


Off we went around the school

to a spot hidden well.

All the Pax would feel the fool

after experiencing the coming hell.


Crawl bear up Thundercat hill

5 burpees you must rock

Broad jump the walk until

you reach the loading dock


5 more burpees to do there

then lunge down the drive

Calf raises on a stair

more burpees? yes, five!


back to where we began

We must finally be done

Oh but no 5 burpees again

Isn’t this so much fun!


Rinse and repeat YHC calls

I have nothing else planned

I’d like bust your Bulgarian balls

the Pax begin to demand


Time was getting close

my watch showed ten till

No one wanted another dose

of crawlbears up that hill


Off we went for one last set

to the patch of Thistled grass

that absorbed our endless sweat

from plank to on our…   sixes.


So now you know the tale

be sure to take stock

How we named that ugly hill

mount Thunder…..cat.