• When: 03/28/17
  • QIC: Furlough
  • The PAX: Prom, Polo, Krusty, Spread, Levar, Snowbird, Kitty, Furlough

Swampfox takes a road trip

YHC was a little under the weather this morning but that didn’t stop 8 faithful making the trip to get a little work done.

Conditions: 55 degrees

The Thang:

10 count of each – going immediately from one exercise to the next

SSH IC x 10,

Russian Twist IC x 10

Flutter IC x 10

Merkin IC x 10

Burpee x 5

x 3

Mosey to Trenholm Plaza

Lt. Dan Taylors down first parking row

Bear crawl down following parking row – 2 merkins at each painted line (24 total)

Rinse and repeat

10 merkin sprint to next row 10 merkin sprint to end

10 squat backwards to next row 10 squat backwards to end

10 russian-twist side shuffle to next row 10 russian-twist to end

10 flutter kicks side shuffle to next row 10 flutter kicks to end

Rinse and repeat

Run to BOA Hill

Backwards Indian Run up hill – overhead clap while waiting

Corner of Coker and Wofford

6″, Flutter kicks, Boat Canoe sequence

Head back towards COT – Wall sit – 3 minutes with overhead press


Announcements: Congrats to all of those who completed the P200.

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