• When: 10/20/15
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: Lloyd, Dreamland, Gulag, Welcome Week, The Don, Scarlett, RA

Suicide Sets at SPUR

YHC went into the old bag of tricks and found his weinke from his VQ at #Hammer back in April. The SPUR PAX were ready for the challenge and pushed all the way through this modified workout.

Weather: 37 degrees, perfect for the gloom

The Thang:

Lap around the field, COP

SSH x 25 IC
Arm Circles forward x 15 IC
Arm Circles backward x 15 IC
Overhead claps x 15 IC

5 Burpees

10-1 Ladder: Merkins, Squats, Russian Twists

5 Burpees

Lap around the field, head to the end line

Set 1…

30 merkins
30 flutter kicks
30 squats
4 cone suicide

25 merkins
25 flutter kicks
25 squats
4 cone suicide

20 merkins
20 flutter kicks
20 squats
4 cone suicide

Set 2…

30 Carolina Dry Docks
30 Pulse Ups
30 Lunges (R&L = 1 lunge)
4 cone suicide

25 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Pulse Ups
25 Lunges (R&L = 1 lunge)
4 cone suicide

20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 Pulse Ups
20 Lunges (R&L = 1 lunge)
4 cone suicide

Set 3…

10 Dive Bombers
10 B-Ups (from 6 inches, bring legs and chest together above waist, return to 6 inches)
10 Monkey Humpers (Scarlett Favorite)
4 cone Burpee Suicide (5-3-2)

5 Dive Bombers
5 B-Ups
5 Monkey Humpers
4 cone Burpee Suicide (5-3-2)



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