• When: 09/18/15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Beacon, Skirt, Pondo, Co-Pay, Kenny G, Pi, Land Shark, Dufresne

Stumble Report 09-18-15

One week after the BRR, most of the Stumble pax were still easing their way back into their running routine. YHC, being a good and faithful member of the Stumble pax, agreed to take the Q, planned the route, set his alarm, and went off to sleep. Well, sometimes alarms don’t work, so at 5:11 am YHC awoke in a panic, rushed to the AO, and made it just in time (we launch at 0515 and YHC arrived at 0517) to take the Q.

Plan was a flat, relatively short, route with four Fartlek segments built in. Mission accomplished. Of course YHC was hoping for a nice, leisurely pace, but seems like the Stumble pax are way past that. Go fast or go home.

Here’s the route.

Left onto Olde Knight Parkway; Right on Old Woodlands; Left on Indian Mound; Continue onto Maratha’s Glen; Cross Old Woodlands onto Dublin; Left on Winchester; Right on Merrill;

There are four cul-de-sacs that go off of Merrill to the Right. Run down and back each cul-de-sac at a race pace (Fartlek) recovering back into your normal pace between the cul-de-sacs.

Left on Galway; Right on Olde Knight to the AO.


BOM – Land Shark


-P 200 sign ups are live. Our very own Beacon is the F3 Columbia Event Q, and has put together a mighty fine pre-blast. Check it out HERE. Organize your teams and let’s get signed up.

-MudRun sign-ups end October 3rd. Don’t miss out. Sign up now HERE. You do not have to have a team already, just sign up and we will get you on a team. Do it now.

-Be on the look out for a Q-101 coming to an AO near you soon.

Other Stuff

That’s all…for now.

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