• When: 2017-09-21
  • QIC: Spread
  • The PAX: Prom, Kitty, Krusty, Lapdog, Venti, Sheets, Spread

Running with Bricks is Always More Fun than Without

  • Lap around parking lot
  • Circle up in lot:  25 SSH IC, 30 arm circles IC, 30 mercen OYO – off to brickpile
  • Grab 2 bricks, jog to top of parking lot and circle up:  30 curls OYO, 30 LBC, 30 bench press OYO (all with bricks) – off towards park with bricks
  • At Converse/Furman – 30 squat IC, 30 side arm/front arm raises IC, 30 monkey humper OYO – off to park
  • At park:  10 pullups, 5 burpees.  Partner up and complete the following as a 2-man team (one parner runs around top end of park while other partner works:  100 BB situps, 200 dips, 300 squats – then plank fun until everyone finished.  10 pullups, 5 burpees. – off towards campus with bricks
  • At Furman/Coker: 30 curl OYO, 30 LBC OYO, 30 bench press OYO – off to campus
  • Return bricks to pile, jog to far end of parking lot: 30 flutter IC
  • Sprint to COT

Welcome Lapdog, come back to see us again!

Good luck to everyone participating in this weekends 50K in the mountains!