• When: 10/10/15
  • QIC: Welcome Week
  • The PAX: Gulag, Borat, Welcome Week

Pax avoid Lightning at Spur

Avoiding lightning, our pax made it out in the gloom again during adverse conditions. Well Done!!!

Circle up:


15 Merkins IC

20 Squat Walkers IC

20 Through the Tunnel IC

Fast Mosey across the big field to the Pull-Up bars

Station 1:

Pull ups X 5

Flutter Kick X 25

Squat X 40

Repeat with decreasing reps for 10 minutes. Pull ups decrease by 1, FK by 5, Squat by 10

Station 2:

Start at the bottom of the stairs.

Run up both sets to the base of the incline on the bridge.

20 merkins at the top. 19 merkins at the bottom. Repeat for 10 minutes

Station 3:

Lunges X 20 per leg

Toe Touch Squats X 20 per leg

Squats X 40

Station 4:

Reverse bear crawl up hill behind the backstop

Mosey down. 20 jump taps on the fence.

Repeat for 5 minutes and then switch to regular bear crawl and calf raises for 5 mins.

Station 5:

Dips X 20

Hand release merkins X 10

Mountain climbers X 10

Decrease dips by 2 each set and 1 for HRM and mountain climbers.

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