• When: 2019-05-06
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Landshark, Crabdaddy, Holy Poker, BabyRuth, Jar Jar

Legion Loops (a run group, really!)

Conditions: 67 degrees with 82% humidity, near perfect


Tha Thang: 5 pax joined together for a last-minute route put together by a Q who really didn’t want to be there. But,  sometimes you just do things you don’t really want to do, because you know its right (because you’re the stupid Q who forgot), or you know your brothers need you to, or know you’ll be glad later. All applied here.


So, we took on a newish route, trying to incorporate a few hills but not our usual ones. The Legion Loop called twice, with a couple of short but sneaky tough hills (speed work in disguise). Excellent pace achieved on a shorter somewhat phallic route (because despite staying up late, I needed to mow 2 acres before my actual paying job). Well done brothers.


Prayer requests: One unspoken. For the Ramseys and their new baby.

Announcements: Convergences coming up. Still needing a F3 Dads AOQ for the summer.


Devo: The process of your relationship with God. First we work for God (following rules), then with God (more seeking His counsel), then we watch God work (submission).