• When: 101817
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Chewy, SilverBullet, Pipeline, FoxHole, Beacon, HolyPoker, Pondo, CapGun, JarJar, KennyG, Skirt, CoPay,

Don’t Stumble when you’re pushing boundaries

12 Pax enjoyed a brisk 6 miler with YHC.  May have had 14 with the faculty.

Disclaimer by Pondo

This was a 6 mile jaunt that took us off campus for some more traffic exposure than our usual routes, but proper safety was observed.

Here was the route:

Right out of AO parking lot onto Olde Knight Pkway. Right onto Galway, Left onto Christie, Right onto Byron go to end and take Left onto Shelley, and Right onto Veteran’s.  Carefully run single file on left shoulder after sidewalk peters out and turn around by running all the way to the end of the front parking lot of Southeastern Industrial Park and then turn right on Veteran’s and take Veteran’s all the way back to Garner’s Ferry.  Turn left onto GF and then left onto Old Woodlands.  Left onto Christie, left onto Galway, left onto OKP and back to AO parking lot.

BOM by Pondo

Devo by Pipeline: Can you love your wife as Jesus loved the Church?

Moleskin:  We need to change it up every now and then and put ourselves in slightly less safe situations so we can grow and learn.  That’s what the pax did and we took the proper precautions.

Prayer Requests: FoxHole and his M.

Announcements: BullsEye Field Trip is coming up and Stumble 10K is back.