• When: 2017-10-26
  • QIC: Jenny
  • The PAX: Biggie Smalls, Welcome Week, Boris, Heist, Corn Dog, Fall Out, Traitor, Copay, Cornstasche, Beads, Subprime, Choochoo, Froman, Insanity, Jenny

Cool, Crisp Workout at Thunder

This was the first truly cool morning of fall, so only fitting that it was sold as a cool “Crisp” workout. We welcomed Choochoo from W. Cola and were also joined by a few of the Legion PAX for a surprise visit. It was fun to have a couple of shovel flags  flying and visitors from the area.

The Thang:

Conditions: 45 degrees, clear.

Warm up jog around the Hand Track then circle up for COP

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats 15 each IC (except when interrupted by sprinklers).  20 Merkins OYO. Mosey to the basketball court.

Partner up for Dora Suicides — That’s 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats total between the partners. One guy does the exercise, while the other does suicides on the court. Alternating until numbers done.  Planks and flutter kicks while waiting for the six. Back to the field.

Caterpiller was next. Two columns of PAX facing each other in low plank. PAX on the far end does Merkins while the first in line broad jumps over each pax to the end. First man does merkins when the gets to the end while #2 jumps to the end. This continues through each pax until all have gone through 2 rounds.  We then proceed with High plank and transition from Caterpillar to Tunnel of Love, Again making through 2 rounds.  Next was the wall and planters.

People’s Chair for 1 minute followed by a round of exercises on the planters: 10 each of SSH, In and Outs, decline merkins, and step ups. Rinse and repeat except with 15 each the 2nd go around.

3 minutes of Mary…. LBCs, 6 inches, flutter kicks, and American Hammer (formerly Russian Twist).

COT: Jenny

Devo: Boris. Words of inspiration on finding one’s “inner self”.

Announcements were plentiful. See the front page of F3Midlands.com for more information on several things going on.