• When: 2018-04-02
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Serena, CrabDaddy, Belding, Heidi, Pi, SilverBullet & Pondo

Circus Speed Kills Sad Clowns

YHC was joined by a few brave pax for #SpeedDay at the #StumbleSpeedway.  7 pax for the warm up mile and 5 for the sprints.

Conditions 56 degrees and still dark

The Thang: We warmed up with about a mile mosey turning left out of the AO parking lot onto Olde Knight Pkwy, then right onto Old Woodlands, right onto Queens Way, right onto Chambly, left back onto Olde Knight and back to the parking lot.  Then we stretched.  That’s right.  I said we stretched. Then the fun commenced with various portions of laps, even whole laps at varying percentages of sprint speed:

  1. 1/2 lap at 50%, 1/2 lap at 25%
  2. 1 lap at 50%, 1 lap at 75%
  3. 1/2 lap at 50%, 1/2 lap at 100%
  4. 1/4 lap at 50%, 3/4 lap at 75%
  5. 2 laps at 75%, 1 lap walk
  6. 1/4 lap at 25%, 3/4 lap at 75%, 1 lap at 50%
  7. 1 lap backwards
  8. 1/4 lap 50%, 1/4 lap 75%, 1 lap 100%, 1/4 lap 75%, 1/4 lap 50%
  9. 1/4 lap karaoke, 1/4 lap other direction karaoke, 1/2 lap walk

COT and BOM by YHC

Prayers for Heidi’s girlfriend’s father Tom

Announcements: Big thanks to SilverBullet for bringing the Duck Donuts to the Mission Convergence. See website for more announcements.

Moleskin: This was not fun, but the Pax endured.  It was so not fun, that LoveSeat, who was solo for his IronYard Q, declined YHC’s offer to join us and did his kettle bell work out by himself.