• When: 1/21/2016
  • QIC: Flip Flop
  • The PAX: Whoopi, Hipster Hick, Rated R, The Don, Tin Tin, Oliver, Gulag, Don Ho, Biggie Smalls, Dreamland, Welcome Week, Flip Flop.

#Spur Bull Street Hike

Weather: 37 and overcast

I felt it was time to utilize the incline ramps of Bull Street similar to demonstrated in Q School to boost cardio.

The Thang…

Lap around the field


SSh x 20

Merkin x 20

Mountain Climbers x 10

Burpees x 10

Mosey to Bull Street Garage (bottom level). Partner up.


Partner Merkins x20.

Sprint to next level.

Plank Jacks**

20 Plank Jacks.

High Knees to next level.

Big Boy Sit Ups***

Partner 1 completes AMRAP BBS for 1 minute. Switch. Partner 2 completes AMRAP BBS for 1 minute.

Sprint to next level. Hold Air Chair.

Jump Squats***

Partner 1 completes AMRAP Jump Squats for 1 minute while Partner 2 holds high plank. Switch. Partner 2 completes AMRAP Jump Squats for 1 minutes while Partner 1 holds high plank.

Butt kicks to next level.

Sprint to the Top***

Partners line up. One pair begins sprint to the top (4 levels). Wait until they climb one level. Next pair goes. Try not to get caught. Cannot leave partner behind. Air Chair while waiting to sprint.


Circle up at top. Hold high plank. Wait for all to finish. Going around circle, each member completes 10 Merkins. Can rest while next member completes merkins.

Mosey to Pull Up bars

Pull Ups***

Partner 1 completes AMRAP Pulls Ups. Switch. Partner 2 completes AMRAP Pull Ups.

Mosey to Baseball diamond

Flutter Kicks***

Flutter Kicks x 30 , in cadence.

Hold six inches, count down from 20.

Russian Twists***

30 Russian Twists, on your own.

Mosey to flag.



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