• When: 2017-07-18
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Ruby, Coletrain, Two Gloves, Aquaman, Senator, Hatter, Pocahontas (FNG)

Block Dude (for you scientific calculator nerds)

The men at Sandlot would like to welcome Pocahontas to F3 (his first exercise at F3 was a 1 mile Indian run……hence Pocahontas).


A one-mile Indian run.


10 exercises at 30 reps with a cinder block: curls, shoulder press, squats, hip swings, big boys, toe taps (double count), chest press, skull crushers, curls (a second time), and squat thrusters.

We then lunge walked across a football field with the block then did 25 mercans. Next, we walked down the field and then 10 mercans with the left hand on the block and 10 with the right hand on the block. Walked across the field again and did 15 diamond mercans. We walked back up the field and did 10 clap or plyo mercans.

We finished with some abs using the blocks: Russian twists (10 IC), flutter kicks (15 IC), hello dollies (15 IC), iron crosses (15 OYO), and Russian twists again (10 IC). Threw in a 50 IC count SSH as well.