• When: 2018-01-11
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: Robber, Huffy, Cesspool, WelcomeWeek, Beads, TinTin, BetaMax, BiggieSmalls, Spot, Jenny, Oscar, Froman, PaperBoy, Insanity

Biggie Smalls UNO Date Night Workout

Want to thank the 15 PAX for coming out to Thunder this morning. I really appreciate your effort and hard work. Based on the feedback after my Q everybody seemed to like the workout and got what they needed to get better. Here is what we did.


Mountain Climbers 4 ct 25

Merkins 4 ct 10

Side Saddle Hops 4ct 20

Big Boy Situps 10 OYO

Squats 4 ct 20

Jog over to the basketball court – pair up with a person

Person 1 Run Basketball Line Suicides

Person 2 Do exercise until Person 1 finishes then switch

4 Sets which included Flutter Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Big Boy Sit ups, Air Presses (shoulder presses)


Jog 1 lap around the parking lot then back to the Basketball Court.

Once back at the Basketball Court circle up and explain the next part of the workout.

UNO Card Workout

Yellow cards – Side Straddle Hops – Yellow 9 we would do 18 just to make everyone better.

Red – Burpees

Green – Squats

Blue – Merkins

Wild Cards – 25 Mountain Climbers

Reverse Cards – Repeat the exercise you just did

Skip Cards – 1 Lap around the parking lot

Draw 2 Cards – 30 second Plank

Draw 4 Cards – 60 second Plank

As everyone started to wear down we jogged to the back of the school to the courtyard area.

4 Alternating Sets of 60 to 90 second Wall Sits and 10 Decline Merkins

Devo – Instanity

BOM – Boris


HDHH Every Wednesday 5 pm at Bar None Hardin St.

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GrowRuck – 01/26-28/18 Starts Friday evening with a Welcome Reception, Saturday Boot Camp at Brickpile, GrowSchool at St. John (Open to anybody for $10.00), GrowRuck Tough Starting at 8 pm until sometime Sunday morning. Still time to sign up! If you are interested or have any questions get in touch with Robber.